Favourite World Cup

Favourite World Cup

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First one I can remember is Italia 90
- World In Motion
- Nessun Dorma
- Gazza
- that sky blue away shirt
- my old man went to the West Germany semi final

No contest as far as I'm concerned.


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spain 82 first one I can recall well......eder, Socrates, Zico, falcao, junior, ........legendary Brazil in the famous yellow shirts....outstanding


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Mexico 86 for me. First one I can remember. Skint knees as a youngster trying to recreate that Negrete bicycle kick.


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Argentina 78 cos a) it was my 1st that I can remember b) it had some amazing goals from long range towards the end from Holland & Brazil. Yes Scotland were pish but it had that Holland game.

Got a few of the games from ebay a few years ago on DVD and the pace of some of the games were a bit slower than I remember through 8 year old eyes.

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Mexico 1970. That Brazil team remains the best I've ever seen. Never thought, in St Etienne in 1998, that we'd never be in it again , when all we had to do was beat the mighty Morocco. We lost 3-0, my ticket was £350, but what a party we had that night with the Moroccan fans. They knew how to celebrate.
I was in St Etienne too luckily had a ticket before the tournament kicked off, but the Moroccans were sick as they were knocked out thanks to Norway beating Brazil with a late goal by TA Flo, missed out on the party as we had a 12 hour bus journey back to our base on the west coast at Les Sablas, was a long journey after that result, with no drink or music.

Rio Bear

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Argentina 78 is my favourite, the first I can remember and it all seemed so magical. As a 10 year old I was obsessed by it. Second favourite is Italia 90, the only one I've been to, went to all three Scotland games, it was the highight of a great period of my life..


It’s between 78 and 90 for me, the hype of 78 as a young boy was brilliant and 90 was at a great time in life


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For me, '78. The game against Holland was never to be forgotten. Also the Dutch shooting from a gazillion yards.
Mexico 1970. I had heard of Pele but had never seen him play. That whole Brazil team were brilliant and fully deserved to win the World cup.


Spain 82 was jaw droopingly good .. the colour, the teams and the atmosphere was amazing

it was back in the day when football wasn’t live on the tv apart from Scottish cup finals and teams had a specific style unique to that country .... first time I ever saw Brazil ... they were just fantastic... it’s something we have lost because of the international aspect of league football now which is a shame
Exactly my thoughts. Couldn't have put that better.

To a 9-year old that Brazil team didn't look any team I'd every seen before or play like any team I'd ever seen. Or since TBH. Always supported Brazil in World Cups ever since (once Scotland are out). Watching that team is directly responsible for me making the trip to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Had always wanted to go to a World Cup and always wanted to visit Brazil since seeing that team.

I remember the Scotland games, the ticker tape in the stadiums and the final from Argentina 78 but was only 5. By 1982 I was old enough to obsess over it.

On the field:

THAT Brazilian team, the way they played and the goals the scored. Unmatched in my eyes.
Fantastic French, West German and Italian teams.
Northern Ireland shocking the world.
Honduras, Cameroon and Algeria holding or beating Spain, Italy and Germany and coming coming within touching distance of qualifying from the groups.
Impressive Belgian and Polish teams.

Brazil vs Italy and France vs Germany are two of the greatest games you will see.
Alan Hansen colliding with Willie Miller to knock us out.
Souness going straight back up the park and scoring in the dying minutes in an act of defiance.
Rough rooted to the spot against Brazil.
The referee disallowing a goal after a Kuwaiti Prince came onto the field to protest and causing chaos.
West Germany and Austria stitching up the Algerians with the only scoreline that would put both of them through.
Germany and Italy being absolute dogshit in the groups before turning it on in the latter stages.
Harold Schumacher's unpunished assassination of Batiston then winning the penalty shootout for Germany.
Tardelli's unforgettable celebration after scoring the 3rd goal in the final.

Socrates is still my favourite ever player and John Wark my favourite British player (excluding Rangers players)

Zico, Platini, Eder, Falcao, Boniek, Rossi, Rommenigge and Hrubish, Junior, Six, Giresse, Breitner, Gerry Armstrong and Billy Hamilton, Blochin, Passarella, Maradona, Litbarski, Zato, Conti, Zoff, Altobelli, Tardelli, Ardeliles (wearing #1 for some reason), Cubias, Cuilemans,

And a Scotland team with genuine quality.

Personal Memories
Avidly filling in the results in a wall chart I got free from Radio Rentals.
The height of panini sticker collecting.
Spending all my pocket money buying pencil rubbers with the team shirts on from the corner shop. Must have been "lucky bag" type packaging as I ended up with about 5 Hungary strips trying to get Scotland or Brazil.
Watching the final in the TV room at Butlins in Filey.
Naranjito the mascot
The tartan army in the sunshine looking strangely glamorous in an insane steamin' sort of way.
Group seeding that made sense: The Obvious big guns in pot 1. The Eastern Bloc teams in Pot 2. The rest of the European and South Americans in pot 3. The "Diddy" teams from North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania in pot 4.
Literally crying tears of joy when Dave Narey scored against Brazil because I knew we were going to beat Brazil despite everyone saying we'd get hammered . . .

Sorry guys, this ended up being a novel. But it was that good.


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Really enjoyed Russia and watched more games than any other tournament, but I'm going with 2014 as my Wife is half German and I'm raising my son to be a Germany fan rather than a sad plastic Scotsman like me.

Alex Venters

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Voted for 1974 just ahead of 1970.

I went to Spain in 1982 but as much for the holiday as the football as I'd already begun to lose interest in the National side.


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Spain '82 for me I was 15 at the time, Brazil were in our group and they were a fantastic team. Zico Cerezo, Junior, Socrates, Falcao, Eder, et al


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USA 94 for me. I was 10 and absolutely obsessed with it, completed the sticker book, watched every minute of every game.

Remember bits and pieces of Italia 90, especially the theme tune, but was only aware of it rather than following exactly what was going on. So it was 94 for me.

Final was fucking garbage though.