Federer says "no thanks" and doesn't sign Celtic top at Wimbledon

Carson's Cat

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I fail to see him offering him anything to sign. Only that glaikit cellic bleuuuugghh.
Right at the start of the video you see the mawkit one pointing his pen towards his grey and green rag only for Federer to ignore him.

I've been three times to Wimbledon - the most recent being 5 years ago when my son got lucky in his tennis club ballot. I have never seen anyone wearing a football top. The idea of wearing the mhanky rings is repugnant.
Saw one wearing one at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chicago Bears game down in Wemberlee a few years back like. Couldn’t believe my eyes like. May as well tattoo hoops onto their skin the smelly tramp mutants!
Was taking the piss out of a Tim about it last night, apparently there is some challenge on one of their boards to get a Mhanky top on display on the telly at every major sporting event this year.
Sad khunts will probably do it as well


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I can only presume that the Big Man is of the Calvanist Faith. There is a statue of John Knox, John Calvin, Martin Luther and Zwengli the fathers of the Protestant Reformation in Geneva.
Not completely sure of Zwengli if I'm honest

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I saw the tramp in the crowd during their match. They had the game on in our office. As soon as I saw him i couldn't hold back my knee jerk reaction and shouted out....well you can probably take a guess.


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I am surprised he was allowed into Wimbledon at all, don't they have some sort of dress code? Makes me sick to see those tops when I am watching a sporting occasion. They symbolise child rape and terrorist murderers, their symbolism and colours should be on the banned list like a proscribed organisation.


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Genuinely wouldn't be surprised if he wore a normal t shirt to get in then changed into the Celtic top.

Weird behaviour.

Seen it at The Masters a while ago as well, and a UFC or boxing event.

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