FIFA may allow league games abroad - The Athletic

You know the games dead when football is dictated by arabs and yanks, neither of whom have any active historical form of attachment to the game.
Or you can look at it the other way round and say that the game has gone truly global, and therefore consequently needs to be played in front of a global audience.
Top European teams have global supports and matches between them would sell out all over the world.
Broadcasting/streaming has opened up, watching to everyone everywhere.
Sadly, we have become something of a curiosity within all of this.
A big club, but not one from a top country and with players who are a level below the very best.
In some markets, the old firm would sell out, but not in all.
And no one from anywhere else is going to watch any other game involving an SPFL team apart from us and then.
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Happens with all the super cups nowadays. Spain and Italy play theirs abroad.

Only a matter of time before the Champions League Final ends up in Qatar / Saudi / somewhere not in Europe.

Sad really.
Rangers da alert!
Rangers are in my DNA, they are a part of my life from the moment I wake till I go to sleep. Always have always will. I'm a rangers man. But I really can't stand modern day football, if it wasn't for rangers I wouldn't even watch it at all.
Americans are becoming more and more dangerous in Football in England, they are increasing their power by the season - quite sad seeing some Clubs so desperate for investment they welcome them with open arms. Just as bad as the middle eastern lot to a degree.
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Scottish clubs, including us, would come nowhere near to filling stadiums abroad like the EPL clubs do.

No-one is interested in Scottish football outside of Scotland. And that's completely understandable.
I don't think they're thinking about Scottish fitba in the article tbf.
Football is finished.

As much as I hate Scotland at times, this is why I want to go nowhere near the English league or any super league. We come commercialised and a tourist attraction rather than a club with loyal fan base
There you go , la liga President announced today they want to play league games in USA during the 25/26 season.
No chance mate. And even if it was it would be full of Oirsh.

I went to see us in Florida in 2018 and we all saw the small number of bears.

And the last time we played in Australia numbers were hardly incredible either.

We have some ex-pats dotted about some of the Commonwealth countries and the U.S, but outwith that we don't actually have this mythical massive worldwide support that people seem to think exists.
Living in Australia I can see why, because it's hard keeping up with the game when kick-off is through the night. It's currently alright when early games are 9/9:30pm AEST, but when clocks change again in October (both UK and Aus), early games are suddenly 11/11:30pm AEST. I end up just watching the highlights for games, and you aren't surrounded by people who follow football as much, let alone Scottish football as well. Probably plenty that follow a club 'in spirit' but timezone makes it difficult to remain invested.