five out of nine possible subs - we put one on


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I think the team were managing the game well.

Imagine Gerrard made 3 subs and one made an error for not being quite up to speed, we'd be screaming about not letting the starting team see it out.

I'm OK with not making subs for the sake of it.


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Did they get a lift? They seemed just as limp as the rest of match.

The problem with using a lot of subs is it can affect the system badly.

Players take time to get 'up to speed' with a game and fit into a system.

Making 4/5 subs could f'ck the gameplan.

We were solid and never under any real pressure throughout so why change it?


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The game opened up with around 20 to go.

I think that would have been the perfect time to rest Aribo and throw Barker or Murphy on.

If not then, then defo after the red card.


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We didn't have a proper midfielder on the bench and the best attacker was Brandon Barker.

Our bench is bad, that's why.
Best starting 11 in the league.
Bench that would struggle to get a start at Kilmarnock.

4 signings minimum needed who are expecting to play 30 league games as starters.


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If we hasnt win/seen the game out i might have agreed with you but we got the 3 points so really hard to argue with the decision to only make 1 sub.

we could have taken say alfredo and aribo off for stewart and barker but ended up losing an equaliser.

i was looking for fresh legs on with 15-20 to go but we seen the game out, granted should have made it more comfortable but i aint criticising after coming back from pitoddrie with 3 points.


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With the heavy run of games coming up the manager better get used to using two or three subs in most games or our regular players will tire and take niggling knocks they won’t have time to shake off.

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Hagi tired, the Manager took him off. Right sub, arguably a few minutes later than it needed to be. Other than that I'm not sure what other subs he could have made. Certainly not Aribo or Kent. Nobody on the bench really a suitable replacement for either Jack or Kamara and you don't touch a defence that's holding up well. Basically leaves you with the choice of taking off McGregor and/or Morelos LOL.


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What was on the bench pretty much isn't good enough to influence the game in our favour. It will change when we get these other players in.


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Am i missing something , Aberdeen got a lift from their subs but we refuse to use ours ,fresh legs new energy new drive whats that all about ????????
We would've been replacing good players with players that are not as good. I don't see the point in making changes just for the sake of it.

andrew anderson

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No point making subs for the sake of it mate.

What sub would have improved us? That's the issue not Gerrard being cautious imo
surely with a four month break and only a one goal lead we are playing a dangerous game in not freshing it up why go for five subs if not using it to keep the advantage