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I done a similar poll without Kent & Alfredo that was nearly 2 months ago now , there was over 450 votes & big Goldson won with over 40%

I voted Tav in my own poll & im still voting for him .

Ps all are worthy & I think your two additions are valid .


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I want to chose them all! Haha.

Having thought about it though, sinces hes played every single minute and been part of a record breaking defence, im going to have to go with the big man, Connor Goldson!


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Connor Goldson for me but it’s very close between him, McGregor, Davis & Tav.


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I've gone for Captain Tav.

Amazing stats especially given the fact that he was out injured for a spell.

So many genuine contenders shows us just how good we have been this season.


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Any one of them would be a worthy winner. Was a flip up between Kent and Tav for me. Kent is the most skillful footballer in Scotland and is verging on Laudrup territory with some of his play. But for consistency, for having been there from the depths to the heights, for becoming the captain is is, for so many goals and assists time after time I've gone for Tav.


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Extremely hard to pick as they've all been outstanding but Tav pips it for me, his early season form was immense, he hit levels we hadn't seen from him before.

Steve Snedden

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Unquestionably Steven Davis.

The main reason that last seasons draws and defeats were turned into victories this campaign.


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Tav for me, just in front of Goodson & Davis.

Very close this year. Let’s hope its the same next year.

Well done guys.


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Voted for Tav, but really it could have been any of them. I think Davis and McGregor suffer a wee bit from being consistently brilliant and when they have seasons like this one, it's just the norm for them. But players live Tav and Goldson stand out because it's a level or two up for them.

They were all outstanding but the moments Tav gave us were so crucial this season, the goals, the assists, the defensive contribution and all round play as well as growing into the captain role the way we all hoped he could means he edges it for me.

Wade Wilson

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I think if Tav doesn't get injured, he runs away with all the awards this season.

I went with Davis, simply for consistency


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Connor has been a colossus this season. Every minute for us, scary.

The league (for me) was won in the first half of the season, there was one outstanding player for that period, James Tavernier. Everything good about us generally came through him, there were a few sticky games where he drove us on. 19 goals (sorry can't give him the one at the weekend) and 11 assist. Just shades Goldson for me


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I'm going for Goldson - not missed a minute and has been the rock all our good work has been built on.

Could have picked anyone of above and also Kamara has been superb for us this season. Borna and Helander have had excellent seasons also.

Have we had a goal of the season poll - Roofe for that strike in Belgium.


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Any of those listed would be worthy winners and I think it is a measure of how good the team has played this season that so many are in the frame.
Due to the amount of wonder saves we have witnessed this season I think it is easy to take the goalies contribution for granted, but without his single handed (pun intended) contribution, our season may well have turned out differently, so big Al for me.


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Honestly surprised by the gap between the top two and the rest and I was struggling before I voted but voted Goldson and seen I was in the slight majority
Would have no issue with whatever winner is declared from that list, they have all been brilliant this season with the rest not far behind


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I've been leaning towards Davis more or less since Tav's injury. But Tav has been really impressive again in these last few games to get us over the line with 102 points and invincible. Then I watched one of the videos of season highlights and it all brought back just how unbelievable Tav has been, with his crosses and assists, free kicks, his dynamism on the ball, popping up inside the box like a number 9, top goalscorer, just an unbelievable season for a full back and the captain who led a team to make an enormous season on season improvement to win us 55.