Football on TV next season...

Earl of Leven

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....where are we?

SPL - all Sky
EPL - Sky and BT
Serie A - Premier
La Liga - ITV and Premier
Bundesliga - BT
France - BT
EL and CL - all BT

Is that about right?

Valley Bluenose

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Its always confusing - for me - at this time of year. By 'next' season do you mean 20/21 - or do you mean the season just started on Tuesday night in Gibraltar?

BT still have SPFL games in 19/20 for one thing.


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Was having this discussion this morning. Thought there was one more season on BT for the SPL but can't see any matches listed. Thought they'd have decided the first few rounds by now, which suggests they don't have any?

Valley Bluenose

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19/20 domestic season. I know BT don't have rights to qualifiers.
Then its:

SPFL - Sky and BT Sport
EPL - Sky and BT Sport
EL Group stages - BT Sport
Scottish Cup - Premier, Sky and BT Sport (not sure about BT)
Scottish League Cup - no idea

All things Rangers - except EL group stages and, perhaps, some Scottish Cup replays:) - RangersTV.

The other competitions can GTF.


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A couple of rounds of EPL are exclusive to Amazon Prime also - midweek of 3-5th December and all the Boxing Day fixtures.
Spfl on sky and BT, scottish league cup/Premier sports, scottish cup premier sports/BBC Scotland
BT show all Scottish teams games in Europe from group stages onwards


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The 2019/20 season is:

SPFL - Sky and BT Sport
EPL - Sky, BT Sport and Amazon (2 matchdays (3-5th and 26th December))
EFL - Sky Sports
FA Cup - BT Sport and BBC
Community Shield - BT Sport
EL Group stages - BT Sport
CL Playoff Round/Group stages - BT Sport
Super Cup - BT Sport
Scottish Cup - Premier, BBC
Scottish League Cup - BT Sport
Ligue 1 - BT Sport
Bundesliga - BT Sport
La Liga - TBC
Serie A - Premier
Eredivise - Premier
MLS - Sky and Premier/FreeSports


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Premier sports basically getting all the cup action from 20/21 is a real kick in the balls.

Although Sutton is a pain BT had good presentation and put some effort in. They would have kept the LC too if the SPFL hadn’t chased the dollar.

Hopefully ITV retain some la La liga coverage


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Pretty sure Premier have the league cup from this season?

Certainly plugging it in their adverts towards the end of last season. Seems strange that they would be promoting this such a long time in advance

blue genes

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Unless I missed it BT have still to announce their schedule for the SPFL?

That is utterly ridiculous for travelling supporters at this late-ish stage.


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Unless I missed it BT have still to announce their schedule for the SPFL?

That is utterly ridiculous for travelling supporters at this late-ish stage.
So far on BT Sport League games

St Mirren v Rangers 25th August
Dundee United v Dundee 30th August

September selections will be at end of July


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£1026 per season if you subscribe to all platforms, ridiculous and unsustainable
Why would you subscribe to all platforms?

The answer is presumably because you want to see all these leagues and cups. In which case you pay because you are so desperate to see all this football. My guess is very, very few people are desperate enough to pay this money. The TV companies will still get those anxious to see their own team, or certain leagues or teams.

You pays your money (or you don't) and makes your choice.

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