For once they actually used the word "Celtic"


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It says he might be able to assist.

Probably looking for a Rangers fan and hoping the mentally challenged saw enough to grass.

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Police have just released another pic of him.



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He's phuckin guilty
Whooah there.
Steady cowboy.
That isn't how things should be done.
No, the Filth criminal, sho ... sorry accused, should be given a fair trial, and only then should he be found guilty and sent down.


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I think the green & white hooped jersey was possibly their main clue. There is however a strong possibility that he might simply be yet another, 'football fan'!


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Already had an argument with a couple of morons on Twitter as I had pointed out that it was strange that the media had mentioned Celtic. Apparently I was a bigot despite that being all I said. They also wanted to point out he was only a witness - yeah, sure he is. That's what they're looking for anyone who even know who he is to get in touch quickly.

Guilty as sin I say.