Former captain


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Yeah Lee Wallace.

Would be a nice touch from the club (when the time comes) to acknowledge somehow all the players and captains that have led us back to the top.

I really hope they are considering some kind of fitting tribute.

It's the players under Gerrard that deserve this. The coaches that made Tav a far superior player, for example.

It's not for others to overshadow the achievement of this squad of players.


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It's obviously Tav to lift it but if it had to be a former captain then it could only be Fernando, that would mean he would still be with us.
I'll tell you this, the moment Tav lifts it I for one will be thinking of Fernando and the 66. I think the team have shown a lot of Fernando's fighting spirit this year, but in the 50th year since we lost our brothers and sister this one is definitely for them.


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I'd imagine that at some point in the future our Tav will write a best seller :)) "5 Years to 55".


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Tav. Deserves it for the amount of crap he's had to deal with from the uneducated morons within our support alone over the years.

Never shat it, never put his head down and never gave up - stayed to fight the good fight, became Captain and in three months time will be a title winning Captain.

Will earn himself legendary status and rightly so.