Former Compliance Officer has his say on title decision and UEFA ruling


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Sporting Merit for me would be equal games played home and away, let's go back to that point, pump St Johnston and walk away with title.
Don't even need to do that just call the second game at McDairmid a neutral venue, sporting integrity says it's OK (2008 Gretna vs Them). Everyone has played each other twice, a balanced season.

wee bud's pit boots

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I'm surprised they have not seance with Tommy.

Tony McGlennan, the former SFA compliance officer who is now a lawyer specialising in corporate crime and contentious regulatory matters, believes they will be able to argue their champions were decided on “sporting merit” if they can't complete the fixture list.

Who is NOW a lawyer speculating in corporate crime?

What did he have to offer Scottish football in the first place?

Where was his knowledge of Scottish football anyway, that gave him this in?

I'm saying it was because he was a RC.

Any Rangers fan who thinks religion doesn't count in modern day Scottish football is a buffoon.

Starting Anew

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It’s just bonkers. There are 4 issues to consider here:
1) Promotion and relegation. The effect of relegation on hearts or promotion on Dundee Utd are huge. Equally so on Inverness, Dundee, Ayr and Hamilton. And the ‘sporting integrity’ police would have a field day on the last 4 if current league positions are left final as how do you do the play-offs with ‘integrity’? Similar issues apply in all divisions. I really don’t know what a fair solution to that is but it certainly demonstrates why just saying that current standings are final is hugely problematic.

2) finances. Most leagues allocate prize money in line with league position. Ours is spectacularly unequally weighted towards the top and particularly towards the champions. This cannot stand this year. Not only is it impossible to claim with any integrity that current positions would have been final at all league positions, the need for cash outweighs the usual set up and everyone needs a share of there might not be a league to come back to. Current standings are meaningless and cash has to get distributed equitably for the good of the game.

3) European positions. Firstly, the idea that any European competition will be running as normal by September, much less July for qualifiers, seems a bit of wishful thinking. The usual rules cannot apply. Secondly, it would seem ridiculous to allocate positions on current standings. Who in hell do they give the Scottish Cup position to? It’s bloody obvious that the usual rules can’t apply. The only thing that makes any sense at all is just to allocate European entry based on the standings in the last completed season before European Competition resumes - ie go to where we were at the start of this season. It would, however, seem fair to allocate European points based on the games that were completed this season to seed entry.

Notably, within Scotland, this makes bugger all difference to anything with regard to us and Celtic other than both of us benefitting from the points tally. But Celtic would still get the CL route.

4) bragging rights. This is just laughable. Any fan group that thinks that this season gives them any sort of glory from an unfinished season while folk are dying really needs a good long sit down with a shrink.

(1) makes no difference to Celtic or us. (2) should make no difference either as cash should be equal to all and we’ll both ‘lose’ money to the smaller clubs. (3) makes no difference as they’d still get the champion’s route. So the only thing that they are arguing about is (4). Which is pathetic.


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UEFA will be unable to ban Scottish clubs from the Champions League and Europa League next season if the SPFL decide not to complete the current Ladbrokes Premiership campaign, it was today claimed.

European football’s governing body, in conjunction with the European Clubs Association and European Leagues, wrote to their 55 member associations last week warning them it is “premature and not justified” to abandon league campaigns.

UEFA indicated that, after the Belgian Pro League moved to declare Club Brugge champions, clubs might not be granted entry to their lucrative club competitions in the 2020/21 season if they do so.

The SPFL are holding a series of conference calls this week to discuss the implications of the coronavirus crisis and the ongoing shutdown of football.

Tony McGlennan, the former SFA compliance officer who is now a lawyer specialising in corporate crime and contentious regulatory matters, believes they will be able to argue their champions were decided on “sporting merit” if they can't complete the fixture list.

"I don't see that term further defined in the (UEFA) regulations, nor is there reference of that being at the conclusion of a season," he told BBC Scotland yesterday.

"If (the SPFL) have financial or other reasons which is encouraging them to call or declare their league, there would be, on the basis of that criteria, an argument to say the final standing is based on sporting merit.

"Against that, there is a difficulty for them as they will be seemingly doing it in the teeth of UEFA opposition. It's a quandary.

"They would have a case, as far as I can see, to take this course of action and argue it with UEFA. I suspect that they may be more comfortable doing it with UEFA's acquiescence."

McGlennan continued: "This is a hugely unenviable task. The SPFL have to do what they consider right for their members. There will be varying interests within that, financial pressures, clubs in distress who will be looking at distribution of prize money.

"Equally, they will have their future relationship with UEFA to consider, they will also have where this may leave them in terms of eligibility for European competition. It's a risk-based analysis for the SPFL.”

Meanwhile, McGlennan, who was the SFA compliance officer between 2014 and 2018, has dismissed the likelihood of the final Premiership matches being played behind closed doors this summer due to safety concerns amid the current crisis.

"A game played behind closed doors doesn't have the same conditions as a game played live," he said. "Most obviously, the home team doesn't gain the usual home support benefit.

"If we play games behind closed doors, inevitably there is the greater risk of crowds gathering nearer stadia, of gatherings to watch the match on TV. It's hard to see how that would help the current situation."
Wait a minute. So you can’t play the games behind closed doors because the home team doesn’t get the benefit... yet it’s ok just to hand a certain team the league even though they’ve not actually won it and aren’t guaranteed to win it.

No bother Anthony.

Shengus Malengus

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Genius from the mickey media.

Sound out an ex compliance officer in the knowledge that every single one of them has been of a certain persuasion and will undoubtedly carry the views of every single one of a certain persuasion.

Give it a fucking rest, you transparent shower of fucking bead rattling, balloon knot rimming rats.


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at a time when hundreds die each day these shameless scum are pushing this everyday,no decorum no class , morally bankrupt, but push shite like integrity and merit, lowest of the low.


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I’m certain if you were a Hearts or Hamilton fan, you’d absolutely see the ‘sporting merit’ in calling the season now and would see no ‘sporting merit’ whatsoever at the very least being able to fight relegation behind closed doors until the season came to a close :rolleyes:

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Sporting Merit for me would be equal games played home and away, let's go back to that point, pump St Johnston and walk away with title.
Now you are just being silly. McGlennan clearly states that ""current standings= sporting merit.


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The new buzz words are "Sporting Merit" which now replaces "Sporting Integrity".
That’s because merit simply means being good or worthy but not actually having won.

Integrity obviously implies honesty which clearly excludes Celtic.

Stevie McDougall

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Is it funny how when wee are told that we have to not sing song and be on our best behavior and are watched by fare and we can do nothing about it as it is eufa rules and its there rules so we have to obay to be in there competitions. But when it suites the tims and there lacky's they cannot force these rules what a load of shit from the former compliance officer
Your grammar is impeckibell


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What a pile of shite.
Surely sporting merit would be all the remaining fixtures being played?
Exactly this.
What merit is there in leading any kind of race, any kind of competition before it’s conclusion?
To me, it’s like deciding a marathon after twenty miles or a darts game before they reach the doubles.


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It doesn't matter if they're handed the title or not. Euro competitions are invite only, not automatical entry.

The FA sends the names for approval, but if they haven't followed the rules, the teams aren't getting in


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Give it to the Hoops cause they were gonnae win it anyway an nat

Basically that is what he is saying

I never thought I would so many unashamed Celtic supporting scum in so many position of power and not just in football

15% or so of the population is catholic I bet more than 50% of the top jobs are filled with them
We sang songs, and they got organised.


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So you just want the title handed to “they cheating bastards”. I’m sure you remember that phrase Tony from your impartial position,how’s about go fck yourself, how does that sound.


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Another Tarrier rhat spouting more shite

“Sporting merit” ffs

An ex CO just confirming what we all know that the SFA only select card carrying Tarriers for the CO role

A farce of a governing body and as usual we have the compliant mhedia whores helping Nonce FC to “reluctantly” accept another tainted title

We should have a sweep to see who is next in line to tell us Nonce FC should be handed the title

I’ll go for Peter (the pointer) Grant