Former Compliance Officer has his say on title decision and UEFA ruling


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It also affirms that McGlennan clearly has a direct line with Celtic.

Yet another on the payroll. Expect to see him in a hospitality seat as a reward for helping out when the fixtures return.


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If the boot was on the other foot and Rangers were in this exact position and there was even a whiff of the title being awarded before the whole campaign was concluded based on "sporting merit" or any other similar pragmatic consideration you can be certain that Lord Reid would be phoning round to remind club chairmen about the requirement for "sporting integrity".


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It's embarrassing how much they are pushing for this during a worldwide pandemic.

A club like no other indeed


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So it’s not right to play games behind closed doors, as it takes away home advantage, but it’s ok just to award the title?

lou riccios chipshop

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Give it to the Hoops cause they were gonnae win it anyway an nat

Basically that is what he is saying

I never thought I would so many unashamed Celtic supporting scum in so many position of power and not just in football

15% or so of the population is catholic I bet more than 50% of the top jobs are filled with them
And about a third of them in jail.