Formula 1 coverage V Scottish football coverage.

Angus Og

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Coulthard and his colleagues are absolutely on the ball with their coverage.

Fantastic interviews and insight from all of those involved. These presenters absolutely embarrass the amateurs who present our national sport.

Is there anything we could change in Scottish football to get similar professional coverage for our games?

(OK. I fu cking know.)


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Stop elevating dimwit tims to roles they have no business in, producing dimwit tim agenda coverage that tims feel happier watching ?

Exactly look at the late lamented real radio phone in went from nothing to almost wiping the floor with Radio Clyde. Where did they go wrong? They chased the Tim demographic with Peter Martin and just for balance Alan Rough.


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Globally it is but while more Scot’s might watch StMirren v Ross County the numbers worldwide who would are not.
Doubt more people from Scotland would watch St Mirren Ross Co or any SPFL game without us or scum in it rather than F1