Official Forum rules & Lounge Access - please read

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If you wish to post on the forums then please follow these simple rules:
  • No posting requests for or details of Personal Information.
  • No mindless abuse of players, management or board members of the club.
  • No mindless abuse of fellow posters.
  • Do not circumvent the swear filter - it is in place to protect you and this forum.
  • Text speak - just don't.
  • Flaming will not be tolerated - use the ignore function. This includes necro-bumping (the bumping of an old Thread).
  • Trolling will not be tolerated - this includes the feeding of trolls.
  • Thread titles - must not contain swear words, be in ALL CAPS, contain excessive punctuation or have no information as to the content of the thread.
  • Thread content - please post more than just a link or a picture. Unless it is an awesome link it will probably be deleted. Keep Facebook and Twitter style posts to their relevant platforms.
  • Is there a Thread about it already? Then post it in there. Threads posted on existing topics will be deleted or merged into the main thread.
  • Is there a Match Thread? Until full time, all comments pertaining to the game should be posted in there.
  • Thread bans - if you continuously derail a thread you will be given a Thread ban. Complaining about said Thread ban will result in a forum ban. You have been warned.
  • No posting of match highlights until licensed broadcasters have released theirs.
  • Please do not post full articles from the official site - a single line and link is enough.
  • Please do not post full articles from subscription newspapers such as The Times. Post the link only.
  • If you are making a factual statement or post, please consider including a link to support your claim. Misinformation or conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.
  • Discussion of illegal streaming or methods to obtain illegal streams is forbidden.
  • Please do not quote offensive or abusive posts, use the report button. Repeated failures to do so will result in a temp ban.
  • If you suspect a poster of being Timposter use the report button - "Sniff Sniff" type posts will result in a temp ban.
  • The Bear Pit is for football related posts only, the Lounge is for all other content - posts must be safe for work.
  • Admin's decisions are final and binding, and are not up for discussion.
Thank you, your Admin Team
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How do I get Lounge Access?

We have reintroduced the 250 post limit to access the Lounge. Quite simply this means you have to have had 250 posts in the Bear Pit before you can post in the Lounge.

So I just have to post "I agree" 250 times to get in?

No, we will be checking, posters that are deemed to be spamming to get lounge access will have their posts deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

But I had access before!

And I had hair before and now I don't. Things change.
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