Frank Lampard ‘to be named new Chelsea boss with Sarri on brink of sack’


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How can they deliver? They are banned from signing players? The squad just now is nowhere near good enough to win the title, they are losing their best player and can’t replace him, it’s virtually impossible for them to deliver the title.

Only the most ardent or thickest of Chelsea fans would have high expectations.
If this is the case Lampard is being offered up as a sacrificial lamb and should avoid at all costs. It could destroy him as a young manager.


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Derby are doing what Derby do, get to the play offs and just miss out.
It would be a disastrous move by Frank, if he is tempted. As above transfer embargo, Hazard offski and a team very lucky that the sides above them threw the top 4 spot in their lap, they have been very poor to watch.


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if true, surely they'd get Terry in there as well for the old boys reunion?

would just show that Roman simply doesn't care about Chelsea any more, he hardly watches them now


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Would be very surprised if Chelsea went for someone inexperienced at the top level when Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal have such well respected managers. If however, they chose to go down that route, would imagine that John Terry is as credible as Frank Lampard.


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Hiring a rookie after his 1st year in management seen him win nothing with a win rate under 50% to replace someone finishing top 4 in the league above, getting to a European final as well as a domestic final is bonkers.

Especially when you consider they'll have a transfer ban. Sounds like no one else would want it if the case imo.

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Surely just a rumour. Much as I love Frankie boy a semi-successful season in the Championship doesnt seem enough experience for one of the top jobs in the EPL. Mind you ManU went with Solskjaer so I suppose its not totally out of the question


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That would be an awful appointment, solely to appease the silly element of the Chelsea support who would love it just because he played for them.

He hasn’t done all that well with Derby at all.
Lampard isn't ready for Chelsea but he's just taken Derby to the play off final, which is pretty impressive given it's his first season in management.

Be even more impressive if he can guide them to the Premiership.


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If Chelsea have the transfer ban and Hazard goes, next season could be seen as a free hit? First time in a while a Coach there has been expected to work with the thousands of youngsters rather than buying established ones from overseas. So Lampard gets a season’s pass while he grows into the job?
Nope, I don’t think so either.
And has he done that well at Derby? Expensively assembled squad for the division so certainly not exceeding expectations.


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How would that sit with the Chelsea fans. Do they have the patience and stomach to run with that scenario.
Given the transfer ban and Hazard’s likely exit, they’re going to have to. Or pay a couple of managers enough to act as sacrificial lambs: “come in, do your best, put up with the abuse and we’ll give you a massive pay-off when we sack you at Christmas”


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As a Chelsea ST holder if transfer ban in particular I would take Frank. Fans have been so turned off by Sarri due to no plan B and until end of season refusing to play youngsters. I think majority of fans would be very patient to see a new team built integrated with good young players currently on loan etc.


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I get the impression Abramovic has lost a bit of interest. He’s in a standoff with the home office plus I think he realises even he doesn’t have deep enough pockets to buy a title in the EPL now.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see a gradual decline at Chelsea until the point he can punt them.


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Can see point in Lampard / Morris if they get the transfer ban. They will have no choice but to bring through the youngsters and Morris knows the youth teams inside out and won pretty much everything with them. Lampard would get the fans onside as well and as mentioned above with Terry be there as well


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I think Abramovich is losing interest in Chelsea. Any other season Sarri would have been sacked months ago the appointment and style of play hasn't worked out.
I agree that Abramovich is losing interest but disagree that Sarri hasn't worked out.

3rd in the PL and in the final of the Europa is decent.

Think they'll struggle with Hazard leaving and no access to transfers but they might not.

Certainly not the best time for Lampard to take over though.