Gangrene brigade change Glasgow street names


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Strange moral code that these cretins adhere to.
They'll jump on any bandwagon for attention, pretending to support issues occurring thousands of miles away, issues they don't understand, whilst ignoring the systemic raping of children within their own midden. A cancer on decent society.
You're 100% right - Absolutely Disgusting .
When - And It WILL - all comes out - They will STILL deny it
And guess who they will ( try to ) blame .....
ALL snp mps - and ALL previous mps , police , judges . cfc players / management / coaches / cleaners / whoever NEED to hang their heads in shame - Scum - ALL of them


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CELTIC fan group the Green Brigade have plastered alternative street names around Glasgow - honouring George Floyd and Sheku Bayo.

Campaigns have been launched to change the names of some of the streets in the city centre - as they currently depict 'tobacco lords' who benefited from slavery.

And yesterday, activists from the Hoops supporters' group put up some new signs.

It comes as the Black Lives Matter movement has become more prominent in the last week following the death of George Floyd.

Floyd, 46, died after being arrested by police in Minneapolis on May 25.

He was seen handcuffed on the ground as police officer Derek Chauvin, 44, knelt on his neck.

Glasgow's famous Buchanan Street is named after Andrew Buchanan - a tobacco merchant who served as the city's Lord Provost in 1740.

He was one of the first Scots to have tobacco plantations in the USA - setting up in Virginia. He later created Virginia Street in Glasgow.

Activists placed a George Floyd Street sign underneath one of the Buchanan Street signs - but this has since been removed.

Cochrane Street was named after three-time Lord Provost Andrew Cochrane, who was also a 'tobacco lord' who set up in Virginia.

It was 'renamed' Sheku Bayoh Street by activists after the 31-year-old gas engineer who died in Kirkcaldy, Fife, in May 2015 in police custody.

Nine cops responding to reports of a man with a knife restrained Sheku. They used CS spray and batons amid claims he hit out.

His partner Collette Bell said: “George Floyd was kneeled upon until he took his last breath. So was Sheku, only more weight and more officers kneeled upon him.

“George Floyd stated, ‘I can’t breathe’. So did Sheku.”

Brothers-in-law John Glassford and Archibald Ingram are two more 18th century 'tobacco lords' with streets in their name in the city centre.

A portrait of Glassford and his family is on display in Glasgow's People's Palace - and includes a black servant at the edge of the painting. It is understood there have been attempts to try and remove the servant from the portrait.

Activists have placed signs 'renaming' Glassford Street and Ingram Street after American activists Fred Hampton and Harriet Tubman, respectively.

Hampton was the chairman of the Black Panther Party in Illinios in the late 1960s and was killed aged 21 during a raid on his home by authorities.

Hey there's a bandwagon, lets jump on it -- sad people, never saw a cause they failed to exploit.
I guess they are all just active historians, you would think they would back a genuine public enquiry to setting the record straight on 50 years of historical child sexual abuse cover ups at their club.
They should "call it out" on that cover up, or is that not a just cause ?
Just cos' they don't want the world to see what really happened.:eek:


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The tarrier bast@rds are certainly organized and on the ball, practically running amok where and when they want.
This lot are so far gone its scary to think what happens next.
They stop at nothing to be the darlings of the media and try to be looked upon by society as victims and a group that cares what goes on in the world.
Nothing could be further from the truth with what they and their club have done in years gone by.
They are a true stain on this country... people need to wake up and just do a tiny bit of research to find the truth.
Time to open up the shipyards, build those boats and ship them back.


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That is surely criminal damage being performed and filmed right there, damage will be caused to the building and time, effort and money involved in the removal of these illegally placed signs.


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That is surely criminal damage being performed and filmed right there, damage will be caused to the building and time, effort and money involved in the removal of these illegally placed signs.
Send the bill to pig eyed Pete he gets involved in everything else.


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idiots and hypocrites, the most racist and sectarian group in the Uk who have abused people for race, religion and the country they came from. maybe change the clyde walkway to mark walters way and queen Mary street to queen Elizabeth street

feel free to remind them of their bigoted and racist history


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Ambulance chasers pure and simple

Only they would think of associating themselves with a tragedy 3,000 miles away and factionalizing it.

Perhaps they could change Janfield Street to Torbett Terrace?
Well they try to identify with Palestine ...


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There was an msp yesterday talking about raising a motion to re name Street names, I don't think this will be the last of this idea.
We know what tally motivated these bigots but they'll attach themselves to any cause to further their own end. Don't expect through hypocrisy to be challenged by many though.

Nacho Novo

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Fck sake, this is getting ridiculous now. Way beyond parody or virtue signalling.

If I were younger I'd get to hell out of this city and country but that's what they want.

We have to fight this plague which is destroying our once proud city and country.

Only solid unionism can beat them.
Your second line is important here, because it looks as if Rangers fans have given up fighting to reclaim our national team and reclaim the tartan army like it was before!


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They are scum and so is anyone going along to any protest at this time on our country. Other countries in the world can do what they want.

40K dead in the last few months here........and these folk gathering do not care.

Foll encouraging it are scum and folk participating are scum. This is not the time, its selfish and the government should be ashamed from top to bottom for saying 'it's going to happen anyway'.

Today like any other day our services from police to ambulance do as they have done to serve these selfish filth that will gather in mass. Not one of them should be taking any knee or reasoning with this logic. They should be asked the same as any other group.......what are you doing here? - Fine them and if that's not accepted arrest and bail them till the pandemic is over.

These same selfish morons there today and other days will be the same applauding the NHS every Thursday at 8pm.

All hypocrisy and those there today are not serving the public by renaming streets they have blood on there hands and should be ashamed. There has and will be people missing funerals of loved ones of all different race and you would be aswell going and spitting on there grave - as THAT is the respect you are showing for there passing.


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Scum is as scum does.

the need to feel loved and relevant all the time is something to behold from these absolute weapons.
Attaching themselves onto what is now a major political quagmire and making themselves look like moral crusaders is breathtakingly stupid, even for this shower of mutants.

plastering signs onto street names that are part and parcel of a historical city like Glasgow isn't going to change a damn thing. It’s not going to erase history.
Maybe one day they will allow the orange marches to freely walk the streets without trouble if they are so willing to be about being equal?


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That is surely criminal damage being performed and filmed right there, damage will be caused to the building and time, effort and money involved in the removal of these illegally placed signs.
Don't be at all surprised if Glasgow Celtic Council decide to keep the signs up.


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The reality is they are a shower of fascists. They openly support an organisation that tried and failed to ethnically cleanse Protestants out of Northern Ireland.
Also what happened to the street sign for Kris Donald ? Which is probably the worst racist murder in Glasgow ! They are a shower of cun ts playing student politics.
Great point re Kriss Boyd.

Antifa, GB BLM and the rest of the hard left in this country are a danger to democracy . They have no interest in Black Lives but will use any grievance to further their aims including violence and intimidation- we all know how easily the political class, including the traditional right will bow down to PC demands lest they be accused of an "ism". Re-writing history this way is nothing short of year zero Communism. We need to get away from the idea that these are just a few wee attention seeking nyaffs . They are part of a movement designed to bring down the entire West and I won't be surprised if this renaming of streets is given serious consideration. The people funding these organisations need to be exposed but that's another story.
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