Gareth Bale to return to Spurs?


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When was the last time he had a consistently good season? When did he last play over 30 league games? Hamstrings made of glass. What could possibly go wrong?


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Thats not going to end well if he goes back their its not the Gareth Bale on the premiership years they are getting plus hes on 600k a week at Madrid


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How is it?
He asked the question after it was mentioned in the tweet and he put a question mark after it.
I dont think the question mark was there initially. So the title had him returning to Spurs and the tweet said they might be interested but the deal will be difficult.
Its all about the question mark and it was there when I read it mate.
The threads been up for an hour though. It wasnt there when it was posted, hence that posters reply.
The curious case of the missing question mark . . . .


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Would love him back at Spurs!!

Depth at left back might see Sessengon played more as a winger if at all...If the lad from Real signs.

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