Garry O’Connor charged with ‘exposing himself’ at East Lothian hotel

What is it with ex tarrier ex hibs players
That's actually a very good question when you think about it. The ability that Hibs have to produce or sign players who then sign for Celtic who are absolute roasters and ned scumbags.

I know O'Connor didn't play for Them but he was the exception when you think of Riordan, Stokes and Griffiths - all high profile players and all three are utter arseholes who you would cross the street to avoid. The common denominator in all three is that they all played with Hibs and Celtic and embraced both clubs 'culture' whilst there. You have Riordan and Griffiths caught on camera years apart, drunk and belting out the same racist song about the same Hearts player and both players questionable lifestyle and of course Stokes being a known supporter of the IRA and being convicted of assault.

Some clubs just seem to breed them.


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Could of been a great player never reached his potential, half on his earnings went up his nose.
Seems to be a regular thing at hibs players maybe not getting the right mental support by there club ? Whatever is going wrong it seems as if they are producing a few of these waste away players who don’t reach there potential
Or maybe they're just neds that are given too much money and don't know how to handle it.

Kevin Thomson and dare I say it Lego seemed to screw the nut ok and not waste their careers.


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His career should be a compulsory education subject for every school child in Scotland, regardless of sporting talent. The personification of a selfish, squandering of talent, this should be his legacy.


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What an absolute waster, he had it all and he f.ucking blew it.
IIrc,didn`t he end up in local authority housing when trialling for Morton?
It`s f*cking incredible how much he`s burnt through.
At Birmingham it was common knowledge that his spell in Moscow was not only a huge salary;but the chairman put the players on a £100,000 win bonus PER game,for EVERY local derby win. There were 5 other teams in Moscow;so ten wins would have bought in a cool million;on top of huge wages.
He had a fleet of cars,a Ferrari Testarossa among them. It broke down at the training ground and he was laughed at by his team mates. He had it towed;and just got rid. It`s head shaking behaviour. His MRS was a good looking,attractive girl. He had everything. Beyond belief it is.

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