Gary Neville announces his hotels will be handed to the NHS, with no staff redundancies of unpaid leave

Flip it on the other side - Richard Branson has literally done over 8500 of his staff. Not forgetting he uses the slogan “Look after your staff and the rest sorts itself....”
People won’t forget this in the long term but acts of genuine decency from guys like Gary Neville need to be remembered. Top man and a genuine act of absolute kindness.


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I run my own business not large by any means but 6 staff across 3 stores, every Christmas we close for the best part of two weeks and yes that one month if the year we sometimes lose money, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that at some point I’m going to be told to close for a few weeks!
Everyone will get paid in full and yes the profits that have been built up this year will take a hit but the people that work with me have helped get the business where it is so they deserve it during this unprecedented time!
But for every Gary Neville unfortunately there is a Branson!


Good idea and better than shutting down and not paying anyone like the billionaires seem to want to do. Credit to the guy.


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A great gesture, let's hope that this helps to encourage others who are more fortunate to do similar although I did see that Abramovich has already offered his Chelsea hotel to NHS staff.:)

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I've previously never had much time for the guy (purely as I'm not a Man U fan and his punditry irritates me) but reading this has definitely changed my opinion of him.
Well played that man!