Gazza or Barry Ferguson

Gazza or Ferguson

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Remember Barry's performance against Inter at Ibrox? Top class, one of his best.

There was a laughable post the other week talking about the Ferguson / brown debate. I can't remember a single occasion Brown went up against a top class player or team and ran a game.
Brown in Europe ran around a lot wondering why he was getting booked for tackles he got away with in Scotland and never bossed a single opponent of any class. Barry made guys like Lothar Matthaus and Riquelme look bang average.


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Gazza was the better player but I went for Barry for 2 reasons. 1 he contributed more to us and 2 He was more my era.


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Voted Ferguson. Difficult one, as like others have said, Gazza was different class but Ferguson’s contribution over his career swung it for me. On his day Ferguson could easily stand toe to toe with some of the best, always felt he deserved to play for a better team when he moved to England.


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The fact Barry is getting any votes at all tells you how good he was coz Gascoigne was a genius. Plain and simple.

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It's not even an argument.

Gazza was entertaining for a few seasons and did phuck all in Europe. For a supposedly world class player he let us down every time.

Barry went toe to toe with the best Europe had to offer and always looked a player. As the downsizing continued he led a load of shite to domestic silverware.

Barry for me is up there with Greig and Gough.


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Gazza what player great individual could win games on his own.
Barry great captain and team man right now would have him to show the lot we’ve got what it means to be a Ranger.


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Gazza both for footballing reasons and being a good sport. Imagine Ferguson doing something like this now.



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Wee Barry was descent but Gaza’s was second only to the man named god who walked amongst us mere mortals
Oh Brian I miss u so much
Cheers op now another day of getting lost in YouTube journey
Start off wi Fredo booting Lego muncher in the fud and see were it goes wish me luck and as some famous fecker says
I am just going outside I may be some time


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Both were immense however I opted for Barry purely on the basis of what he achieved with Rangers and the type of Captain he was, Gazza was world class on his day however he just didn't quite perform in Europe as we all had hoped for... If we could have either in our starting 11 right now I'd opt for Barry everyday of the week.