Gazza or Barry Ferguson

Gazza or Ferguson

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    Votes: 246 68.9%
  • Ferguson

    Votes: 111 31.1%

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Johnny Yen

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Gazza at his absolute peak was one of top players in world football.

Ferguson of course contributed far more to Rangers.


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Genuine world class and one of a kind.
The other was a decent player. He was also Rangers fan and captain and asked for a transfer.
No contest


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Gazza was a far better player but Ferguson did more for Rangers over a longer period of time so that's why I voted for Ferguson.


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Short term Gazza. Long term Ferguson.

Ferguson bossed several top midfield in Europe etc

They would have been brilliant together!

Tong Bear

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As much as I love Gazza i voted Barry just for the fact he came through ranks,lived the dream and was a winner,we probably saw best of Gazza,unbelievable player and gave us some magic moments


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Ferguson, easily for me. Both dominant domestically, but one in Europe looked like an elite player, and one was a liability in the majority of his European games for us.
Having all the talent in the world doesn't mean much when you can't use it when it was needed most.


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Gazza was a better player but looking back it was great seeing a young Scottish boy who'd came through our youths leading a team of fantastic players and still standing out. Loved watching both in a blue shirt.


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Fergie was immense for Rangers and Laudrup was sublime. But my favourite player for all his flaws was Gazza. The title game against the sheep when he won the game for us will go down in legend.


Gazza was world class and gets my vote. Don't think I've seen a player smash midfield to pieces like he did.
Barry was a different era, the future when I first saw him. If we had a midfielder like Ferguson now we'd be in a better place.