Gerrard stopped 10 in a row song


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“NoT fOr Me. F*cK tHaT mOb, ShOuLd Be AbOuT wInNiNg 55”


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It’s defo one that’ll take off it’s catchy as f*ck.

And there we have people’s face going red with anger whilst eating their cornflakes because it mentions them lol :D.

Big if and hypothetically speaking because you never know but if we go on to win it at a canter next season they’ll still be hearing and getting reminded of us stopping it, they were singing about it for 8 year it’s broken them.


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I like to remind them of the fact they fcuked up the achievement they have been singing about for 9 years.
My most cherished video is of them at Rugby park, belting out for all its worth, with all of their hearts, hopes, dreams and expectations, fully believing that they had already won 10 in a row.

"Here we go 10 in a row" I will never not retweet that video