Gerrard's cousin makes Liverpool debut vs Tranmere


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As title suggests, Steven Gerrard's cousin, Bobby Duncan, came on to make his Liverpool first team debut tonight, scoring in the process.
Seemingly a very highly-rated striker. He and Paul Glatzel (who also played tonight) scored over 60 goals between them for Liverpool's u18s last season.


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Paul Glatzel is an unreal talent too, wouldn’t be surprised to see him part of their squad next season at times.
Brewster, Glatzel & Duncan all top talents, but there probably won’t ever be space for all of them in the first team. So what one we taking permanently? :D
Very highly rated.

I'd like to think we will have him on loan at some point.
The more we look after there players and develop them the more chance if us getting there best talent look at how we transformed Kent over the course of a season if we do the same with ojo it will put us at the front of the que also other big teams like Chelsea and United ect might take note

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