Gerrard's Improvement this year


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The improvement in the squad and in Gerrard himself has been incredible.

There were valid questions to be asked of his tenure this time last year and, dare I say it, the league being called probably worked in his favour. The fans were mutinous after that defeat to Hamilton, and those two games against Hearts were a really, really tough watch.

There's an important lesson in there about the time it takes to settle and, for all that things are looking rosy now, we took a punt, with some rocky moments along the way, that's now ultimately paying off.

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I remember the first pre-season he was here (queue the hovis music) and Beale was talking about what they were doing in training, in general terms. So they were working on one thing, then after that was drilled, they moved on to the next, like layering the information.

Look at the team now, they know the job inside out. Who goes where and when. The layering has almost completed, they probably work on polishing each situation now.
I think the stage they wanted to be at was to be able to 'perm any 11 from 22' and not see any diminution in quality.

Obviously we've been hit by some key injuries but when we were playing as sweetly as a Stradivarius in the autumn only Tav, Goldson and Borna were absolute first picks. This is a measure of how far we've come.

Yoga Bear

Tactics, signing the right players for these tactics, improving players, man management - he has made great progress in all these areas and shows no sign slowing down his progress. Very few young managers progress at that rate - this year is not a one-off. Hopefully we will manage to keep him for a good few years more.