Gerry McNee (I'll save you from clicking, he's not dead. Yet.)


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Apparently he said that when he retired from writing his News of the World column he would never attend a game again.

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Was reminiscing with a good friend not so long ago about going to games etc and his name came up. We were through at East End Park and after the game we were on the bus ready to leave when we spotted McNee in the car park. Pelters ensued and he was getting it tight and went to a policeman and was ranting and pointing at our bus no doubt wanting us all lifted. Polis looked over at bus shook his head and walked off. McNee was purple by this point and the whole bus just erupted in laughter and more pelters. Think was in run up to 3 in a row. Happy days

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Where’s the Geraldo McPish filter :D

Guy I work with knows him, he genuinely has little interest in football now, does not give a flying one about us or them.


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Used to love Man U and Fergie until the two of them had a big fall out about something

Hated Gazza and always (along with others) harped on about how it didn’t matter what happened domestically and only what was achieved in the champions league was important, this narrative seems to have mysteriously disappeared in recent years
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In his column in the morning...."Number 8 is a waste of space."

On STV in the afternoon...."Here's Gascoigne now can he produce some magic, still it's Gascoigne.....oh yes!"

Hated gazza and was great to see him have to act so delighted that he scored!
At least he done that, the ones these days can't contain their disappointment when we score.


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At least he done that, the ones these days can't contain their disappointment when we score.
This is true.

Mcnee was a fud but he was at least professional when on commentary duty. The current batch are ridiculous.

He was also a huge Golf fan so I’m guessing today he will be glued to the final round of the Masters.
I might be havering here but I'm sure the bold Gerry was once in the Red Lion drinking with Jim White.
I was there that night. KP Loyal had a quiz night then question n answer with those 2. I asked him about the scum singing during the minutes silence for the Ibrox disaster. Claimed not to hear it, fud of a man, both of them

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