Gio on Morelos


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I'll be honest as this is my first comment at all on gio, but I have this fear it won't work. That said, it'd be the same with any manager.

I'm also of an opinion, I don't think our last gaffer is going to be a good manager in the long run. He'll give villa a boost but will be out thought and too stubborn to change his way, his ego will prevent it.

Why won't he be a good manager? His options blunted our best player, it's affected the player and the team. That was much more like our Alfredo. He isn't fat, or lazy or disinterested. He was used completely wrong to fit with the egos system. Maybe that was the problem.

Brilliant Gio and Alfredo.


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He was still dropping pretty deep at times tonight. Hopefully, a few more sessions with Gio and Makaay will sort him out.
I can live with him switching it up a bit and making room for the other attackers, that's the way to break teams down sometimes, but the constant playing as an auxiliary midfielder by Gerrard did us and Morelos no favours.


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EDIT: stand corrected, Jan ‘21 against Aberdeen. If you ignore diddy teams then Red Imps were the last.

17th of Sept 2020 against Red Imps. Last time Morelos scored a brace.

Since then we’ve won 8-0, 6-1 and Brandon Barker scored!

Gio’s dain hings!
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I think the idea was he drops deep and the either one of the tens or an attacking midfielder moves into the space behind. Hasn't worked for a long time and should be binned IMO.
We need a focus point up front, someone that can engage the oppositions central defenders and scare the crap out of them. This is what Alfie does best, bullies them into not knowing what to expect next.