Glenn Kamara, excellent tonight


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Kamara is excellent as is tav as is goldson but some of our fans just like to moan.

Kamara would be loved if he played for an Italian side

Said to mates for a while now that he would be a revelation in Italian football. You can actually see his confidence levels rise when we are playing continental teams as opposed to the hammer throwers of our league.


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I don't understand why he gets stick. The guy is class, always happy to take the ball and never panics. Some say he doesn't drive forward enough but I think that's because he's been told to sit in. That said, on a few occasions this season we've seen him get further up the park. Great player and an absolute bargain.
He gets stick because he’s not doing it every week for us and can be frustrating at times.He is great player on his day.


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As someone noted earlier in the thread, Kamara isn't necessarily best suited to Scottish football, on the other hand, I think he'd flourish in La Liga


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My only criticism of Kamara is that he has a tendency to blindly play the ball back towards the defence when he's being closed down in our half. He did it again in the first half and their forward was about half a yard away from intercepting it and putting us in bother. He's a tremendous footballer and I'd like to see him pushed at least 10 yards up the park and add goals to his game.


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He had a great game because he had a bit of freedom to move and get forward.

I don't think his best position is DM, I think most of his good games have come from him getting forward.
Unfortunately Gerrard plays him in a 2xDM set up so he plays defensively.

Great player.


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I thought he assisted Borna superbly last night. He could have been under a bit of pressure with such an early booking and I thought he looked a bit shaky when they were really coming at us in the first 20 but Glenn protected him.
We have a group text that we chat in when we’re not at the game together and I lost count of the number of times someone said ‘great play from Kamara’ .

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The midfield got a lot of abuse but I too thought kamara was exceptional. He reads the game very well.

he does - but his biggest issues for me is the pass without looking and the safe pass 100% of the time. Though that’s a midfield thing as a whole as well. Really like him though and way better than he gets credit for


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I’ve said before there is reasons why kamara, barasic, Morelos get linked with moves to the big leagues. Also a reason why other centre mids and full backs don’t even generate interest


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We may be wasting him in the way we are asking him to play in our domestic games. Last night he was more positive in his play.
Neil McCann is always saying he has so much to his game that he is capable of a lot more.

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Probably needs to leave Scottish football to progress further. Weird he didn't make that jump when he went to Dundee. We've won a watch with him up there and to us.

Superb technical player.


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Just think. Kamara is not suited to the Scottish game. Like every player he will have the odd poor game in Europe for both club and country but, in the main, he looks more comfortable in the more technical enviroment and generally plays well. 7 out of 10 last night beside an 8 out of 10 Steve Davis.


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He’s better when allowed to play a bit more forward, similar to where he plays for Finland. He’s a lovely footballer and one I hope we manage to keep and find a position for.


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Does anybody else think he had a really good game against Hibs as well? Seen a lot of unfair criticism from fans over that performance.


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He was excellent.

Though when it comes back to SPL duties we need a different type of player in there to play beside him or to rotate with him, he’s not cut out for every type of game we play unfortunately.


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If only we could get another Kamara, a clone of him, how he plays. We need someone else who thinks like him, is instinctively on his wavlength to really get the best from him.


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I'd like to see him deployed a bit further forward. He has the potential to be a dangerous player and proved last night with his bit of skill and burst into the box.


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He has great control of the ball, I'd love to see him driving forward with it more like he did tonight, Wouldn't hurt him to get some shooting practice in too... More performance like last night please!!

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Don't think I've seen Kamara have a bad game in europe. He is a very tidy, intelligent footballer, but I think he needs a more influential midfield partner someone who will do the dirty work and graft, although Kamara does a fair bit of that, I dont think its his game.


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Of all our players, I think Kamara arguably has the highest ceiling in terms of the level he could play at.

He would be a stand out in Serie A or La Liga.


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Just like many posts above - I agree GK is a top performer against opponents who play decent attacking football but not nearly so effective against 10 man defences -
In other words just like all our players -

It makes me wonder what our team would be like in a league with teams that actually played the game

Anyway we are where we are & have to deal with whoever is in front of us & we need to get the best out of everyone whatever style our opponents employ

Having GK further up the park potentially leaves us short behind -
Although many see GK & RJ as a bit of a duplication or even a clash - I think RJ keeping a position a bit behind GK could maybe work better

That said though- I prefer JA further forward as well - but I'm in danger of running out of pitch space


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I hope he’s looking at Aribo and seeing what you can do when you use that dribbling style further up the park. He’s one of our most talented players, just holds himself back too much.


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Davis, Kamara and Arfield were all really good.

It's amazing how everyone watches the game differently. I thought they did very little and were sloppy with the ball. In fact Arfield was nowhere in the game.

In a game where you win 0-4, it's good though as it shows everyone will be questioned. Well with Rangers.
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