Go Fund Me page set up by Kilmarnock fan to raise £500k to buy Greg Stewart


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We should swoop in and sign him if they manage to somehow raise the money. Just to %^*& with them like the good old days.

They will never manage to raise that cash... they only have about 5,000 fans.

White Cafu

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Maybe a stupid question, and not entirely relevant to this situation but is this type of thing allowed on a larger scale due to the financial fair play rules? For example your Man City/PSG owners wanting to invest cash to buy players, doing it through dodgy sponsorship deals etc, how is a load of folk anonoymously donating cash like this any different? How are they to know who it is ploughing the money in?


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They could just use the £700k we gave them for Jordan Jones...no wait....they refused that and we're getting him for free.

Scottish football - hating itself to death. :D
We should continue to build bridges with our fellow teams and give them £500k for JJ to help them out .....
Then again not heard anybody wanting bridges built
So Feck them all


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I'm sure their one thousand fans will give generously. They could sell that mongoloid, who makes those YouTube videos to medical science. That'd raise a few pounds.


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Their first game after the break is at home to Forfar. A full 18000 crowd for this SC match will give them the £500k they need. 18000 pies will make sure they exceed this amount.

Whats the problem ?

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