Goal difference does matter


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Goal difference can keep you top which I feel breeds confidence and as pointed out by another poster it has won championships. Some folk may feel it’s trivial but I would like to ahead in both points and goal difference.
Absolutely and a high goal difference is a good indicator that your less likely to drop points.
It's vital every game to get a 2 goal cushion asap as the dross are well practised at parking the bus and playing long balls to try and steal something late on.

Archibald Leitch

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See at the end of the season if both us and the unwashed are on the same number of points but one has a plus one goal difference over the other who gets the trophy?

Unless the SPFL follow the old B.B. football thing of counting corners ( Christ, they might just bring this in if Timothy has more corners than us ) then Goal difference is used as the deciding factor.

The scenario may not arise, but in the event then them’s the rules.
Not just BB football, it was used in professional competitions that we played in.