Goal Difference myth


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We are away Aberdeen, Hibs and Motherwell this month while they no doubt will be rattling in the goals with easy home games. I'll be more than ecstatic with us just getting the 3 points in each
Spot on. 1-0 each of those games would be fantastic. Including Cup final.


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I don't think it will come down to goal difference and I don't think it matters that we are in second. However, I think they would feel more pressure if they were behind us.


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If you're about to play either us or the tarriers and its about thinking you have a chance.

Who would you rather play? The tarriers blowing teams away or us winning by the odd goal?

Keep the confidence up and better teams all over the park 5 nil every week please.


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Do you think 2007/08 would have ended the same if we didn't have to win by 4 more goals at Pittodrie than they got at Tannadice?

They scored and won 1-0 and we lost 2-0 to lose by 3 points. The extra goal difference put the pressure on us instead of them and it told.


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utter pish! I'd rather our team was winning by 3 or 4 goals rather than having nervy finishes. also sends signal out to teams that we're ruthless! will make them think twice about attacking us. battering teams has the next team shitting themselves to play us,the way it should be!


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I can't see how anyone can see a 5-0 as eye off the ball.

But for the sake of argument let's say as ylellle gave suggested we keep winning and focus on the 3 points. We then get a draw at parkhead and stay level. We then trade wins with them in the old firm.

If we go in the split 10 goals behind, people would be screaming that we should have been more ruthless in games like today.


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When at home I want us to be putting as many past teams as possible. Not so much for goal difference but just to get an absolute ruthless streak about us, and see if Alfie can reach 50+ this season :))


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I'll admit to being a little obsessed by goal difference at the moment.

Sure, I'd probably bet against it standing for anything at the end of the season, but I wouldn't put the mortgage on it.

Goal difference is only a thing when we've done the job. We don't choose goal difference instead of pursuing three points so it's not one or the other.

Anyway, there's nothing finer than going about your week happy in the knowledge that our team are sitting proudly about those tramps in the league table. The solution to that at the moment? Goals.


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Being ahead of that lot midway through the season would trigger a major change in mind-set. It'd heap pressure on them, pressure they have not had in years. If it's goal difference that does that then goal difference is a huge factor.


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There is every chance goal difference could decide the title so it should not be ignored.

But let's not worry about it too much now. Perhaps when you look at the fixtures in January and February there is a better chance to overhaul them. Just winning every game through December will do for now

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All this focus on goal difference for me is taking the eye off the job required.

Keep winning especially against them and goal difference won't matter in the least. We will win this league by 6 POINTS with two wins and a draw. Let's be positive.
Well today we kept battling away and got 5 . In the past couple of seasons I’ve seen us scoring early as we did today . Then taken our eyes of the game and becoming negligent . This leads to the other team sneaking a goal and resulting in us losing two points or worse . If GD means we will keep battling for goals until the final whistle then I’m ok with that


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every goal scored and conceded by Rangers and that mhob could make all the difference so we have to keep our eye on the ball. Its been reported earlier on another thread that tav was urging the players to get up the park and get the game started after the 5th went in


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It has to mess with their heads everytime they win by 3 or more and then watch us do the same or better... so I'm all for, not letting up to the final whistle.


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All this focus on goal difference for me is taking the eye off the job required.

Keep winning especially against them and goal difference won't matter in the least. We will win this league by 6 POINTS with two wins and a draw. Let's be positive.
Whilst it is not vital at this stage,the snapshot of the table looks good if we're top.


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Mind that time we won the League on Goal Difference? Yeah I'm happy we are well within touching distance.
Why would you not want to pull away and effectively have an extra 'free' point? Bizarre


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If the thought of goal difference is pushing the side to batter teams 5-0 then what’s the problem? Especially as I had 5-0 on yesterday!

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Its important , mentally as well for the players.
The problem is all the other teams are didies , so a lot of points will not be dropped.
However, my gut feeling is that it will be points not goal diference that decides it.

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Only becomes relevant towards the end of the season. Now is all about winning wether its scrappy 1nils or a thrilling 5-4.
if we are 10 or 15 goals worse off than them come march though, and level on points, it may be too late to sort it.
So, put the game out of sight as quickly as possible, then rattle in as many as we can.


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Off course the three points is super important but we need as many goals as possible in every game.
Two mins injury time pissed me off yesterday as we had another goal coming and we have been here before.
If we want to win the title we have to win at the Piggery that is clear and we can.


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Being top of the league is a boost for morale, we are not the top because of goal difference so it does matter


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What’s worrying is that players want to take the foot off the gas when 3/4-0 up when the gaffer wants them to keep going. Just because it might not come down to goal difference, how about having all bases covered just in case it does.


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End of the day more goals = more confidence and if the same players keep banging the goals in their value will sky rocket.


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Almost like Helicopter Sunday and Dunfermline at Ibrox never happened.

1 goal could win this title in May. There is nothing between us and the tarriers.


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The focus can only be winning. We’re Rangers. But you can’t say goal difference is a myth helicopter Sunday wasn’t a myth.


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It's too early to be worrying about GD, so I agree with the OP.
When do we worry about it? 5,10, 15 games left? Remember the split which means last 5 games are against the top 6 so may not get the chance to gain more goals.

This it the time to be doing it, it breeds a habit to be relentless against everyone.


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At the moment it is important because it is our only chance to get ahead of them assuming both keep winning. We get ahead of them and it increases the pressure on them, and we all know what happens to Lennon under pressure.

Then, at the end of the month, we scud them in their own midden and don't need to worry about it as much. But we do still need to keep sweeping teams aside to keep the confidence high.


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Think what the OP is saying is fair enough. Right now I couldn't give a monkeys about goal difference to be honest,with the games coming up I just want 3 points. Score plenty goals and that's a bonus,but not my immediate concern

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I think its vital. The teams are so close that it could be very well decided on goal difference and what a kick in the stones that would be if we were on the receiving end of a title loss to goal difference. Gaffer wants us to be ruthless and I'm glad he has that opinion. Goals breeds confidence and the fans respond, so get as many as we can I say.