Goal difference


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We have a goal diffrence of 26..
The hivs have a goal diffrence of 16
How come they only need to score 6 then

If they score 6 it doesn't necessarily mean they finish above us. If we score 7 then they need to score 13 even factoring in away goals and head to head.

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All this saying the SNP are at fault for lowering the education standards in this country, are we sure it wasn't the previous parties in power :D


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Feck it.

Let’s not turn up and let them be awarded a 3-0 win by default.

We would be guaranteed three things.

Third place, the pleasure of seeing TLB going into orbit and the Scottish Mhedia having a meltdown.


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You can't blame people for reading your post, deciding that you're both illiterate and innumerate, and thinking the worst. After all, 2 + 2 = 4.

Pretty much bullying mate. How do you know that isn't going to get the guy really down? Not everybody understands numbers the boy just asked a question and yous have all just completely slaughtered him and for all you know made him feel really stupid and crap about himself...