Goldson posted signing emoji on Ryan Kent photo


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I doubt he's going to get a permanent transfer, I know he's not going to compete for Liverpools first team. SURELY he would just want to come back here with the guys from last season, floor Brown again and potentially force Lustig into a fake injury for a second time.
Third time- he went off injured at Xmas as well


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Is his lady friend Scottish? If so come back and settle down in Glasgow together you know it makes sense Kenty


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I would absolutely love Ryan Kent to be back at Ibrox for another year but, if he decides to go elsewhere, we will still mount a serious challenge for 55. At times last season he was brilliant but he could also be poor. I'd be far more worried if Allan McGregor was still to re-sign.
Given his disciplinary record this past season and his age, I would be much more concerned that we don't appear to be seriously looking at a replacement - why we didn't look to resigning Liam Kelly God alone knows