Golf Del Sur bars


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Where's the best bar to watch us pump the tinks 29th Aug in Golf del sur , i know the Ibrox bar las americas but wondered if any bars closer
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Mason Boyne

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JR's top square, or O'Donnells round at Las Adelfas villas.

There are no Rangers bars as such. O'Donnells is an Irish bar, but it has never attracted the republican types any time ive been there.


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For a bit of fun.

If you do find one on the 28th, do us all a favour and before you get drunk, post the score so we can all get it on the bookies and start partying a day earlier


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We stayed there yonks ago over 15 years I’d imagine i think In the villas and there was an Irish boozer just off the main road , I was in with my old man mum grandpa and gran there was a singer on and he ended up singing fathers advice to our surprise.

Artful Dodger

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In San Blas I watched the first (Kilmarnock) game last season.It had a few Bears in it.Big pub/restaurant up from the square.Across from an Indian restaurant where the singers are.
The Wild Geese is right in Golf del Sur. Not a Rangers pub by any means but they do show all the games.
Stayed right across from the wild geese in Santa Barbara.Went in and watched us v alloa in maybe 2015 .There was a barmaid from Dundee (a Bear) who put the Rangers game on the big screen and the English game Man City on one of the wee tellys.Guys were moaning but the wee barmaid was shouting tough they were in first.Had an Irish night that evening so we left pronto but was alright.