Good luck Arsenal


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Now my only interest since our exit from the competition.

I hope the trip here is a nightmare, a heavy defeat followed by a wildfire spread of covid through the racist scum.


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I see that after all the deflection about how we were dangerous thugs and their keeper was at death’s door, he might be playing tonight.


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I won’t be watching (the sight of that mob and there stupid manager will only enrage me) but come on Arsenal!

Jaki Suds

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Here's hoping Arsenal scud these racist cnuts however they are going to have to play better
than their last outgoing


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Arsenal got a lot of injuries - hopefully a few key players can make it esp some of the hale end boys.
Been an up and down season re performances ( more downs than ups tbh )
Let’s hope for a positive outcome


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Think they’ve got a few injuries to key players don’t they? I’ll be hoping they do one on the racist scumbags regardless


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My English club so would be backing them regardless of them playing racist scumbags
Same but sadly not confident.

If Arsenals individuals turn up it could be comfortable for them but just don't feel they have the nous as a team to deal with ties like this.

Too many flaky players and not enough solid players who just know how to manage a game


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Never sure what you are getting with Arsenal. At their best they will win anything less and they will be in trouble. Come on The Arsenal.

Terry Monroe 8&1/4

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Hope they pump them but wouldn’t be surprised to see those bastards get a result. Arsenal are poor everytime I see them this season
Aye the fast free flowing football hasn't been there for a while now, there's something missing about them, but I hope they will hump them


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Hope the Gunners blast them
Regrettably I can see SP progressing though

SP are a niggly, saavy, cheating & quite a dirty side IMO - & that's before you get to the racism obviously coursing through their veins
Like Glen said how their black players feel in this side, is a bit of a puzzle to me

There could easily be a few more unsavoury incidents to come from this shower yet


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Not a fan of Arsenal but I hope they actually destroy Slabbering Prague, the racist arseholes.