Gordon McQueen diagnosed with dementia


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I think the fact that modern balls are so much lighter will have a big impact on today’s footballers probably not being affected as much with dementia in later years.
Yeah I thought that but apparently cause they are so much lighter they travel much faster and therefore the impact on the brain is pretty similar.

But certainly sad news for McQueen and family.


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Horrible news. My dad is suffering from it, horrific disease. With my dad it is front lobule, and his consultants have agreed his heading during his Junior career has a major bearing on it, and it’s rapid decline. Sadly my dad doesn’t recognise us now, heartbreaking.
Best of British to Gordon and his family.


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Terrible news, best wishes to the big man and his family.
He is throwback to a time when watching Scotland was a the done thing for us as Rangers supporters.
Happier times.


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Heading the ball was such a big part of a centre half's game back in the day. There must be many others suffering too. Such a shame.


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Sad news about big Gordon. Big fan of his when I was younger following Scotland.
All the best to him in his fight with this shit disease

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My old man has it and is in a care home , fucking brutal disease, tough times ahead for mcqueens family, stay strong . I loved McQueens reaction when McFadden scored against France, don’t know if someone can put it on
Sad news for Gordon and his family. His Dad lived across the road from my Papa, he’d quite often send him United memorabilia which would get passed on to me


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That’s very sad, he is only 68 as well. I was hearing yesterday that COVID and lack of social interaction speeds up the process of dementia, very sad to hear .
Wouldnt be surprised in the slightest. The lack of brain activity whilst doing pretty much nothing can’t help.

all the best to him and his family


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Very sad to hear this. Great player in his day.

May he and his family suffer as little as possible.

It's about time a cure was found for this bastarding thing


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You’re not wrong. The heading issue will just grow and grow.
It'll be interesting to see if footballers in the modern era are affected in later years with lighter balls

Back in the 60s and 70s it must like heading a medicine ball when the ball was wet


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Horrible news, lost my dad to this disease recently
It’s a death sentence with no cure and only sadness ahead

I wish them all the strength in the world
Very sad to hear about big Gordon, his dad was on the security gate at the car plant in Linwood, I always asked about Gordon, when I was delivering there. They were a very nice family. Keep fighting big man, all my best wishes.


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He always seemed like a nice guy.
Used to talk a lot of sense as a pundit on Sky Sports unlike some of the cretins who appear now.
A terrible illness and my sympathies with Gordon and his family


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Best wishes to the big man. Colossus of a player and one I always remember from my younger days. Here's a clip of him (18.29 in) taking no nonsense from Barcelona although his resultant suspension may well have cost Leeds the European Cup. Not often that Leeds team suffered like that but Gordon probably just had enough.


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When at St Mirren I was hoping we'd sign him,
And then in 1978 in Cordoba I was sitting beside him at the Scotland, Iran game, he should never have been there as he was injured before the tournament started.
Terrible illness

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A gentleman of the first order! I remember being in the Fox and Hounds Pub in Kissimmee, Florida, back around 1991 when the big man walked in. He had stopped of at another pub a couple of doors down and they didn't sell fags. The barman told him to go to the Fox and Hounds. When he walked in I recognized him right away. Stood chatting for ages over a few beers. Much to his surprise, and ours, there was a wee guy that happened to be in the pub that day wearing a St. Mirren top. Big Gordon was well impressed and saying he couldn't believe that he would be in the USA and bump into a Saints fan. Much to that guy's surprise, the big man went over and bought him a drink. Pure class!!