Gordon Waddell at it again.


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Hmmmm I’m torn do I believe a twisted prick like Waddell or a respected pundit and former England international and league champion in Martin Keown about our Alfie? It’s a toughie


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Translated, he is really saying "sell Morelos in January then I can get a night's sleep as I'm in a panic that you Orange bastards might take Celtic's title".


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What a knob, of course we all know Morelos is for sale and will be sold for a decent amount of cash, we just don't want to do it in January when we have everything to play for.

I have yet to meet a Rangers fan who said we must keep Morelos for the next few years , we all realise buy cheap sell high is our model now just like his wee team Celtic. FFS the guy is clearly just full of hate.

Valley Bluenose

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I don’t think I know any Rangers fan who doesn’t fully expect Morelos to leave next Summer. Not one.

Leaving in January is a different thing entirely. Win every game in December and there is, rightly no chance he goes. F*ck it up spectacularly and lose the Cup Final and a few league games then we might have to reconsider, subject to offers at the right level.

King and Gerrard can only speak of the here and now though and were absolutely correct to put it the way they have - ‘Not For Sale’ to coin one of the current political phrases.


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The thing is they completely miss the point, we’ve had him, Provan, Boyd mocking it

Rangers have played a blinder here, make our stance he’s not for sale at any price, we get bids of upwards of £25m and take one eventually, these guys will mock us for not getting £50m completely ignoring the fact they were also the ones saying we wouldn’t get £5m

I’m sure next week they will mock the £20m valuation of a drug taking gambling addict whose hardly kicked a ball for a year or so


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We sell Morelos at the time of our and the players choosing, the club's finances gain, we have money for replacements, King has things pretty well financially tidy by next season, and the club is challenging on all fronts with sellout crowds, strong management team in place.
So do one Timmy.


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It's already very clear the guy doesnt like us, why he feels the need to reiterate it time after time after time is his concern.
Scottish fitba was in dire straits - still is - but Rangers revival is a rare bright spot in an otherwise dismal landscape. Nevertheless, its always 'let's have a pop at Rangers'.
This only underlines the fact we are the only show in town. Much as he despises the fact, it is 100% true.
When it boils down to it, do we really care what him and his paper thinks?


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I’m sure it was Gleneagles and not Turnberry as it was a team up the North East we were due to play, I don’t recall the quote from McCoist and no one said our valuation for Morelos is £40/£50m, this figure was a throwaway comment from Gerrard emphasising that in January he isn’t for sale.

Facts and Waddell don’t go.


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This garbage is why people won't pay money to read the opinions of Scottish football hacks.

Do they really think there is an audience for this shite.


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King never said he wouldn't be sold. He said he wouldn't be sold in January.

Scottish journalism folks. Why let an actual factual quote get in the way of a piece of shit article
He would have preferred we were still a play thing of Ashley and the Easdales, in a permanent embarrassing fight for 3rd.


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I love the way he goes on about Celtic being well run. Had they not sold tierney they would have posted a loss similar to us


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Which brings us to Dave King’s standing ovation at his announcement he’s off. Does he leave them in a better state than he got them? Absolutely. Better management, infrastructure, academy. Team challenging on all fronts. All good.
But all the talk of statues and his name on buildings? Spare us. Then refer back to the underlying issues that all still need fixed.
Still in a legal fight with Mike Ashley and without a retail deal worth the paper it’s written on, perma-losses on the balance sheet, no major trophy, no title since 2011.

Happy to dish out the "aye but..." when it comes to King without even the slightest offer of an explanation given.

Waddell conveniently forgets the state the club was in when King saved us(note that word slaphead). We were at the mercy of a bunch of goons who were happily cutting our throat and only offering to stem the wound if we gave them something in return for a pittance. Repeatedly.

If Dave King hadn't taken over Rangers then perma losses on the balance sheet(and BTW perma losses King said from day one would happen until he stabilised and rebuilt the club) would be the least of our worries.

We get it Waddell. You hate him. You hate us. The feeling's mutual shitstain.
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His narrative doesn't make sense, the only difference between his idea and ours is SIX fuc*in months ,passes in the blink of an eye . Let's not forget the "celtic" blueprint was created by us with the transfers of Boumsong, boughera, cuellar and Jelavic and Van Bronqhorst if you wish to go back further. Let's also remember that our club was raped by the Whytes ,Greens and Ashley's while Scottish football stood by and clapped , it wasn't because we were massively in debt ,it was Agenda which floored us and HMRC was the tool used to do it . Smell the fear , they know we're near.


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He really does dislike Rangers doesn’t he? Typical bitter Falkirk fan, raging that he is hugely overrun in his own town by bears.

mad others have said, he has conveniently forgotten the fact that all supporters know he will be sold, just in the summer, not January.

his criticism of King I actually find funny, most journalists hate him because he treats them with absolute contempt. Which is nice.

Again, he focuses on the fact we haven’t yet won a trophy while glossing over the utter shambles that King inherited when took over, they stayed at the time it would be a 5 year project and would cost up to £50 million, and that exactly what it’s turning out to be.


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We have £40million in the auditorium, £40m…any advance on £40m?”
“£50m, you say, sir?…FIFTY MILLION from the pre-match presser…not going once, not going twice…are we all done?”
Here’s hoping.
The fantasy auction for Alfredo Morelos this week has been quite something. All the figures that no one has ever bid and possibly never would being refused for a player apparently not for sale at any price anyway.
Which, in a nutshell, is why Rangers are still posting annual figures whose bottom line has a minus in front of it.
It’s the 21st century equivalent of David Murray’s Rangers tenner for every Celtic fiver. The ‘We Are The People’ vanity that says you don’t have to be a viable business, as long as you can stop Celtic.
Sorry but if someone bids even close to these figures for one of your players, you bite their hand off for it then shout it from the rooftops that you did.
Because it’s what makes you a success and persuades the next Morelos to come.
The post-agm headlines reminded me of a conversation with Ally McCoist back in the dark days at the start of ‘The Journey’.
They were playing Stranraer on the Saturday, a bog-standard 3pm fourth-tier league game, a 90-mile, two-hour luxury coach trip down the road from Murray Park.
Yet their entire squad and staff, vastly over-resourced for the level they were at anyway, were spending an overnight on the Friday at five-star Turnberry to prepare.
It was pointed out this was the kind of unnecessary profligacy that had put Rangers under in the first place. Maybe they should cut their cloth.
“Until someone tells me we’re not Rangers any more,” McCoist said, “We will continue to behave like we’re Rangers.”
Maintain the facade. At any cost. Which is exactly what this artificial peeing-up-a-wall contest on Morelos’ value is.
Your entire club has been a loss-making exercise, ‘strategic’ or not, soft loans or not, since you got back in the game in 2012.
At some point that has to change and since we’re not getting a billion-pound TV deal any day soon in Scottish football, and the Old Firm aren’t being flown on private jets straight into England’s top 20, this whole ‘not for sale at any price’ schtick is brainless.
Of course he is, and so he should be. If someone wants to give you £40m for a player you paid £1m for, damn right you sell him, you balance the books and you reinvest in the next guy – or several guys – who are going to do exactly the same.
The trouble is, they’re still slaves to the wrong mentality, they’ve never created a culture the way Celtic have done with their fans, where they understand that THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! They scout, they sign, they develop, they sell, rinse and repeat. Of course you want to build and keep your top talent, see how far you can take them, but when the money gets crazy and you’re operating with an eight-figure annual deficit?
Because if that’s not their model then what else is going to get them to break even or make a profit once the attitude that losing money every year isn’t a problem is on the flight back to South Africa for good?
European money should be the gravy, not your bread and butter. You can’t bank on it.
Morelos should be the flag bearer for modern Rangers. They took a chance on a kid from Colombia, in the outpost of Finland. Didn’t speak the language but hell, he could score goals.
Look at him now. Bargain of the century.
His two goals the other night were outstanding, like most of his others.
The concentration and physicality required for both showed a striker at the absolute peak of his powers.
He’s brilliant – powerful, quick, hungry and – thanks to gaffer Steven Gerrard – far more disciplined.
The trouble is, instead of saying ‘this is what we do and this is how our club is going to work’, they’re still in the mindset of thinking all they have to do is stop Celtic. Not fix Rangers.
It has been their problem since day one of the post-liquidation era. Using another club as their yardstick instead of creating their own. So, sure, if a big bid comes in January, when you’re in a fight for a title and trying to deny them nine in a row, the timing would stink.
But you’ve got class cover in Jermain Defoe and you’ve then got a pot of millions to find a replacement, who presumably will be on a list Ross Wilson has in his drawer. Ideally you’d do it in the summer but needs must.
This is what it comes down to. That’s what Rangers’ business has to be.
Which brings us to Dave King’s standing ovation at his announcement he’s off. Does he leave them in a better state than he got them? Absolutely. Better management, infrastructure, academy. Team challenging on all fronts. All good.
But all the talk of statues and his name on buildings? Spare us. Then refer back to the underlying issues that all still need fixed.
Still in a legal fight with Mike Ashley and without a retail deal worth the paper it’s written on, perma-losses on the balance sheet, no major trophy, no title since 2011.
He’s had fans queuing round the block with his ‘they’re all enemies of Rangers’ rhetoric and they’ve lapped it up without much critical appraisal of their own direction of travel.
For a while the fact he simply wasn’t Craig Whyte and wasn’t Charles Green was good enough.
But a true legacy doesn’t just mean leaving the place looking tidier than you found it.


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The laughable fact of the matter is. If Morelos was a Celtic player and he was in this sort of form domestically and abroad and Celtic told the media he wasnt for sale they would be lauded as saviours of the Scottish game.

We need to keep the best talent in the league for as long as possible they would be telling us.

BRAVE Celtic looking to better the Scottish game to the detriment of their bank account.

Waddell and the rest of the moronic Scottish media are an absolute embarrassment to their profession.


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Would love it if someone could dig up his values of dembelend and eduretard.
Morelos is one of Europe’s top strikers how much is that worth.
a lot!!! A lot more than tierney went for put it that way.

chosen few

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Did he listen to or read a single word Dave King said? I think not, he is either thick or deliberately obtrusive. I know very little about big business, but it was laid out In a manner that even a simpleton like Waddell should have been able to understand, our board absorbed the losses on a short term basis, we now have the ability to trade our way out of problems in the future, the fact that we are not in the gutter anymore really hurts this little nationalist wa**er,


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You read stories like that and you come to the conclusion that he’s either hard of thinking, or deliberately trying to misrepresent Rangers’ position in order to write another negative article about us.

The media moan about the game in this country “hating itself to death”, but these are the people leading that charge from the front.


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From the same guy that wrote a story bemoaning Scottish football always downplaying itself, claiming in said piece that Steven Fletcher could be every bit as good as Karim Benzema. Seriously.
You’ve never came across as a liar bud, but this is a step too far.
Surely he didn’t print that and surely his editor didn’t allow it.


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Taken from the Comments section of the Sun story on Cairney ...

Anything to win a trophy you know your club don't have a chance unless Celtic disappear, any word on nelly and dunn or you ignoring that one or the 66 fans your club killed and try to hide the truths

There’s that Celtic ‘culture’ I was talking about, encapsulated in a few semi-literate lines.
and the Sun printed that???? FFS!!!!

No Money No Problems

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They keep asking Gerrard in his press conferences if Alfie is for sale or what kind of bid would it take.

All sp they can print and push this negative narrative about not just Alfie but the club as well.

What did we do to deserve this shower of a media?


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This article is actually hilarious!

Of course Rangers are going to sell Alfredo Morelos. And everyone knows this. The question is of course when do we sell him? how much do we sell him for? And will he win us the league before we sell him?

Every Rangers fan knows this, as do the board and the man himself.

This moronic journalist has written an article of nothingness.

Ps. I think we ll sell him.in the summer for between £20-35M depending on how he and we do for the rest of the season.

Shengus Malengus

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You know what Waddell you fucking imbecile?
It’s all about timing, about nurturing the talent and seeking to gain maximum return.
You fucking dicks were mocking Rangers for turning down £9m.
Who was correct there? Ya fucking arsehole. How much of a mistake would that have been?

Is it too difficult to understand that he is required for a title race?
Fire us to the league and alongside an already successful Euro campaign, Rangers will have to wait a very short while to benefit from what will be a Scottish transfer record.

You and your ilk will be crying in your cornflakes and be proven once again that you know the square root of f uck all about football.

See you in July, prick.


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Gordon who ?

are newspapers actually still a thing ?

no doubt he will be off to his boss, look gaffer my story has got a thread on FF with hunners of views, pity they are all calling you out for what you are Gordon, a sad twisted tosser.


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I really do laugh at the tone of these various articles. It's as if they've finally found something, anything that proves they know more about football than a world wide name and World Class operator like Steven Gerrard. They absolutely can not STAND the fact that someone has come in here and routinely spoken and looked at the pricks like the mutants they are as as they spew utter drivel at him week after week.

Of course they are completely missing the point. He used fantasy figures because that's what any potential transfer is, pure fantasy. For the hard of thinking looking in, he's not for sale at any price in January. Stevie, will of course explain all of this with that patient, slightly sneering way he has with these muppets, when they continue to cling on to these words, hoping to try and catch out the Rangers manager and show everyone how insightful, quick-witted and knowledgable they are.

Not a chance of that, now back under your rock you in-bred, manky, pish-stained, Tim BASTARDS!