Gordon Waddell at it again.


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He is not a filth supporter! Waddell is a small/provincial club supporter who is resentful and grudging of our unparalleled success. He merely identifies with the filth, downtrodden, lesser, inferiority complex and therefore has found a much louder voice during the two decade long hatefest inflicted on our club.

Guys like Waddell would not last five minutes in the Scottish media otherwise, in fact he has found his ‘perfect storm’ to be in the spotlight, to rage against us, the rat who roared. Therefore just sit back and wait for the natural order to be restored because guys like Waddell consumed with hatred and his filth bedfellows will be entirely crushed by our resurgence.

like the rest of the bigoted nutters he’s best ignored!


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Writing that down keeps him off the streets and free from engaging with real people.
Bitter, bitter bastard that he is.


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Waddell is so busy trying to make an egregious point that he totally misses the real point.
Rangers strategy isn't one of debt it is one of investment.
We are a football club we need a team and we have invested in that team.
That the investment has been wise and will pay dividends is the point.
That the investment is now worth far more than the sum initially laid out is the point.
That timing, to reap the best return from the investment is the point.

However he of course fails to understand crucial points in his desperation to criticise.
That is why he cannot get a job beyond his own wee region.
He is an intellectual pygmy.


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The media filth don't like Morelos getting the good PR and being fondly talked about by some big names within the game it eats away at them.

They want to spend time hyping up their wee Edouard for führer Lawwell so they can cash in on him when they don't get CL money next season.


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We have £40million in the auditorium, £40m…any advance on £40m?”
“£50m, you say, sir?…FIFTY MILLION from the pre-match presser…not going once, not going twice…are we all done?”
Here’s hoping.
The fantasy auction for Alfredo Morelos this week has been quite something. All the figures that no one has ever bid and possibly never would being refused for a player apparently not for sale at any price anyway.
Which, in a nutshell, is why Rangers are still posting annual figures whose bottom line has a minus in front of it.
It’s the 21st century equivalent of David Murray’s Rangers tenner for every Celtic fiver. The ‘We Are The People’ vanity that says you don’t have to be a viable business, as long as you can stop Celtic.
Sorry but if someone bids even close to these figures for one of your players, you bite their hand off for it then shout it from the rooftops that you did.
Because it’s what makes you a success and persuades the next Morelos to come.
The post-agm headlines reminded me of a conversation with Ally McCoist back in the dark days at the start of ‘The Journey’.
They were playing Stranraer on the Saturday, a bog-standard 3pm fourth-tier league game, a 90-mile, two-hour luxury coach trip down the road from Murray Park.
Yet their entire squad and staff, vastly over-resourced for the level they were at anyway, were spending an overnight on the Friday at five-star Turnberry to prepare.
It was pointed out this was the kind of unnecessary profligacy that had put Rangers under in the first place. Maybe they should cut their cloth.
“Until someone tells me we’re not Rangers any more,” McCoist said, “We will continue to behave like we’re Rangers.”
Maintain the facade. At any cost. Which is exactly what this artificial peeing-up-a-wall contest on Morelos’ value is.
Your entire club has been a loss-making exercise, ‘strategic’ or not, soft loans or not, since you got back in the game in 2012.
At some point that has to change and since we’re not getting a billion-pound TV deal any day soon in Scottish football, and the Old Firm aren’t being flown on private jets straight into England’s top 20, this whole ‘not for sale at any price’ schtick is brainless.
Of course he is, and so he should be. If someone wants to give you £40m for a player you paid £1m for, damn right you sell him, you balance the books and you reinvest in the next guy – or several guys – who are going to do exactly the same.
The trouble is, they’re still slaves to the wrong mentality, they’ve never created a culture the way Celtic have done with their fans, where they understand that THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! They scout, they sign, they develop, they sell, rinse and repeat. Of course you want to build and keep your top talent, see how far you can take them, but when the money gets crazy and you’re operating with an eight-figure annual deficit?
Because if that’s not their model then what else is going to get them to break even or make a profit once the attitude that losing money every year isn’t a problem is on the flight back to South Africa for good?
European money should be the gravy, not your bread and butter. You can’t bank on it.
Morelos should be the flag bearer for modern Rangers. They took a chance on a kid from Colombia, in the outpost of Finland. Didn’t speak the language but hell, he could score goals.
Look at him now. Bargain of the century.
His two goals the other night were outstanding, like most of his others.
The concentration and physicality required for both showed a striker at the absolute peak of his powers.
He’s brilliant – powerful, quick, hungry and – thanks to gaffer Steven Gerrard – far more disciplined.
The trouble is, instead of saying ‘this is what we do and this is how our club is going to work’, they’re still in the mindset of thinking all they have to do is stop Celtic. Not fix Rangers.
It has been their problem since day one of the post-liquidation era. Using another club as their yardstick instead of creating their own. So, sure, if a big bid comes in January, when you’re in a fight for a title and trying to deny them nine in a row, the timing would stink.
But you’ve got class cover in Jermain Defoe and you’ve then got a pot of millions to find a replacement, who presumably will be on a list Ross Wilson has in his drawer. Ideally you’d do it in the summer but needs must.
This is what it comes down to. That’s what Rangers’ business has to be.
Which brings us to Dave King’s standing ovation at his announcement he’s off. Does he leave them in a better state than he got them? Absolutely. Better management, infrastructure, academy. Team challenging on all fronts. All good.
But all the talk of statues and his name on buildings? Spare us. Then refer back to the underlying issues that all still need fixed.
Still in a legal fight with Mike Ashley and without a retail deal worth the paper it’s written on, perma-losses on the balance sheet, no major trophy, no title since 2011.
He’s had fans queuing round the block with his ‘they’re all enemies of Rangers’ rhetoric and they’ve lapped it up without much critical appraisal of their own direction of travel.
For a while the fact he simply wasn’t Craig Whyte and wasn’t Charles Green was good enough.
But a true legacy doesn’t just mean leaving the place looking tidier than you found it.
Wooft - Totally nailed his colours to the mast there!
That is an unbelievable piece of anti Rangers diatribe!


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You’ve never came across as a liar bud, but this is a step too far.
Surely he didn’t print that and surely his editor didn’t allow it.
It was outrageous at the time mate - I remember there being a huge thread on here about it. He then tried to defend himself by saying he was making a wider point about Scottish football always doing itself down, which makes this Morelos piece all the more galling.

I'm sure @SDF can confirm.


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It was outrageous at the time mate - I remember there being a huge thread on here about it. He then tried to defend himself by saying he was making a wider point about Scottish football always doing itself down, which makes this Morelos piece all the more galling.

I'm sure @SDF can confirm.
Seems like Waddell, to prove a point, made himself look even more ridiculous than normal.
A truly bizarre analogy.
By the way, I did know you weren’t lying.
You genuinely couldn’t make that one up.


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Waddell, see ye cannae tell by a christian name or surname who is for or against us. This is a no mark wanker.


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Don’t know why we need to keep publicising what some press no-marks say about us.

I know what they are saying without ever so much as glancing at them.


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Sometimes you read a column by an ex-player by Hartson and you think -- "You're only getting that gig because of the fact you were a well-known and indeed international player."
Let's be honest: quite a few ex-players get away with a load of sh*te because of who they once were.

But ... WHO exactly was "Gordon Waddell" ??

Before his "column", had anyone ever heard of him ?
Even as some uber-fan, or professor of the sport, or even as a voluble shareholder of his club ?

The Rangers-hating stuff apart, how the heck did he ever get space in a newspaper to spout his nonsense ?


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They push second string players at them for 10 m plus and devalue ours at every turn.


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He’s a Dick
We didn’t say we weren’t going to sell we just said not for sale in January.
The dick needs to realise that we can do both.
Keep Alfie till the summer, win the league then sell him on for a huge profit. Simple really.
I can smell the rats fear in every word of that article

Shengus Malengus

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When you cut through all his waffle what you get here is a Scottish journalist( sic) heavily criticising a Scottish team for holding on to their best player. A scenario that would draw praise anywhere else in the world. In fact, hold that, it would draw praise in this country too if it was a certain other team.
These fuckers are a joke to their profession, completely unable to act impartially.

monkey magic

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Waddell will be the first journo to say that Rangers are the best of a bad lot if we win the League this season, guaranteed. A sad sack of a human being.

CD Bear

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Not going to post the link here as I don't wish to promote the paper but there is an article by this idiot in the Record dated 11/8/2019 headed "Peter Lawell played Kieran Tierney transfer from Celtic perfectly and will have been doing cartwheels around the office"
The whole tone of that article when compared to his screed today illustrates where his allegiance lies.


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I do kinda agree with this ratbag in that i doubt we will get anything like the crazy money which people are talking about......50m etc....i hope so but il be surprised i hope first of all he fires us to the title.

But its always interesting the way these cowardly filth find any excuse to have a go at everything Rangers and would never write similar articles about the many many overrated tim players.

Gordon Waddell is a fraud an absolute shitebag thats perfect for that paper, same as Jackson.


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For most of them, our financial demise is their ultimate Holy Grail and Alfie is Tim Kryptonite as his goals wound them but him as our 30-50m asset provides us with financial stability for years to come.


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Let me trust a successful businessman like Mr King to look after my interests as a Rangers fan, rather than a second rate rag with a third rate journalist, who supports a fourth rate team, with fifth rate standards of success to govern it. You are an irrelevance Waddell.


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This clown has written some shocking pieces on us over the years.He’s a total bellend of a journalist and a prize A prick as a person.

It’s also worth pointing out Stranraer weren’t in the 4th tier with us at the start of ‘the journey’.We were in the same division the following season in the 3rd tier.

He seems a very bitter little man cut from the same cloth as Bill Leckie.The arrogance and aggression in his articles is quite amusing because he looks like a right drip.

wee bud's pit boots

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Nauseating doesn't even come close.

Yet again it is the double standards and brazen hypocrisy from scum like Waddell that grates the most.

Fantasy auctions? Three years ago, the filth put a preposterous £40m price tag on Dembele's head just three months after signing him for 900k.

But what was it based on, this forty million?

I'll tell you; scoring a goal against Man City in the CL when he was offside, and crossing the ball over for Sterling to score an OG. That what.

Where was Waddell back then guffawing at the ridiculous price tag? Where you would expect, probably fluffing Liewell.

As for the other part I shook my head at. This twonk is trying to equate the filth nurturing talent, moving it on and then repeat, as somehow a Scottish equivalent of the Ajax system.

Possibly the filth have to move talent on at regular intervals because they need the money because their financial footing, although much sounder than the car crash we've been left with, isn't as good as acolytes like Waddell would have us believe.

As for soft loans? No club anywhere else in Britain has had the benefit of soft loans like this mob.

We live in a democracy, freedom of speech etc. Until we ban filth like Waddell altogether we deserve all we get.

Oh, it wouldn't change his stance of course. But we need to put scum like this firmly into the margins and encourage, in fact come out and tell the fans not to buy the rag that employs him.

Not that he's alone.


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I hope Morelos absolutely destroyed the bheggars next Sunday.

The state of them whilst they slaver over Édouard, Christie and Forrest.


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Seriously, he gets paid for that ? Everybody and his dog knows we will sell Morelos in the summer. The only reason we havent cashed in on players since 2012 was that we've never really had any sellable assets.
What a fanny.


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Not one fk given by him that he could end up looking even more stupid than he currently does.

Rangers have a young player on our books who is now regularly displaying all the hallmarks he is on the cusp of greatness. Even with the blue tinted specs off It's pretty obvious to anybody paying attention that's now a distinct probability rather than possibility, the boy is destined for big big things.

Any "journalist" worth his salt would have realised that by now, ignored the white noise coming from the unwashed hordes and refused to toe the party line from his paymaster in favour of protecting his own reputation first and concede that Rangers just might receive an exorbitant fee for Morelos. But no. Oh we can't have that. Indeed let's push the contrary and just ridicule that very real possibility he's about to shatter the Scottish transfer record by some distance.

Well done again Gordon professional to the last eh.