Greatest assist by a Rangers player


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Not saying it’s the ‘best’ but McCoist with a low cross for Gazza to slot away with the deftest of touches at a mid-construction Chamber of Secrets is a lasting childhood memory of mine.


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The Celtic end goal post at Hampden to the other goal post to set up the easiest tap in ever, which was nearly missed :eek:


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Neil McCann Cross for Ronald de Boer at Mount doom.

Pinpoint Cross just out the reach of Balde right on to the Dutch man's head. Brilliant.


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Loads of great shouts.

Still leaning towards Davo it must be said.

He’s up against Beckham, Gerrard, and Lampard, and he’s done that. It’s an assist of the highest calibre on every level.


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Was it ryan jacks pass from half way line to candieias in a friendly beginning of season? Cracking pass


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Maybe not the best, but since the others have all been taken, here's a different one that got me out my seat.


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In my time of watching Rangers (since 2011) I loved Weiss' assist in the League Cup Final vs Celtic to set up Jelavic to score the winner. More recently Kent's assist to Ryan Jack against Celtic at Ibrox was class IMO.


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Before my time, but I've seen footage of Davie Cooper waltzing past about 5 men and then laying it on a plate for Robert Fleck (I think) to score a simple tap in.

It was definitely a midweek European game, if any older Bears can help?

Incredible skill.
Lives Tampere in the UEFA Cup in Souness's first season.
The only reason anyone would pick a different winner as best assist is they haven't seen it.

Sheer genius.


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Cooper to Durrant against the soapdodgers . Not even f*cking looking !!!

If you look up sublime in the dictionary , Coopers pass would be the description

Saves me posting this. Just perfect! I always remember Davie Cooper on the end-of-season video saying how he'd laid it on a platter for Durrant to score and the wee bugger ignored him in the celebrations after :))


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You could have a thread just for the best Davie Cooper assist.

Tampere, which for me was the most jaw dropping of them all.

The reverse pass to Durrant v Celtic at Ibrox.
Another for Durrant that season v Hearts when he beat a couple defenders spun round and threaded the ball through.
His pass inside the full back for John Macdonald in the 81 cup final replay.

He was inconsistent, he could only use 1 foot, but by God what a footballer.
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