Greatest assist by a Rangers player


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Another Davie Cooper cup final assist that hasn't been mentioned was his wee pass that sent Iain Ferguson through to score the only goal of the game against the dirty Arabs in 83ish.
A mention for a non Rangers all time classic assist - Willie Carr's donkey kick free-kick for Ernie Hunt to score a cracker.


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Before my time, but I've seen footage of Davie Cooper waltzing past about 5 men and then laying it on a plate for Robert Fleck (I think) to score a simple tap in.

It was definitely a midweek European game, if any older Bears can help?

Incredible skill.
think it was against a Finnish team in a UEFA cup round. Also think it was more than 5 players, 8 if I remember correctly but it’s been a year since I watched the video. Think the joke around the goal was Cooper is meant to have asked Fleck if he’d put the ball the right way up for him.

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Not the best but Amato v Celtic is worth a mention for Wallace’s goal. Absolutely destroyed Stubbs and McNamara.


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Cooper to Durrant against the soapdodgers . Not even f*cking looking !!!

If you look up sublime in the dictionary , Coopers pass would be the description

That was the goal that gave birth to the "Davie could open a tin of peas with that left foot" comment.