Green and Grey PR own goal

To be fair, they've got a point. Betting companies have got an unhealthy hold on football and there has to be a point where the endless advertising is removed from the sport ala tobacco and F1
If Betting advertising and sponsorship is removed from Sport, Scottish Football, World Snooker and the PDC Darts will all be f*cked


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It’s remarkable that there are so many replies that “Celtic are better than this”.

I’ve got something to tell you Timmy, your club is synonymous with inter-generational child abuse and are about to be taken to the cleaners to finally pay for this sickening fact. Celtic are in fact not better than this. They are much, much worse.


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Virtue signalling pish from wannabe left wing posers. Where was any of this panty wetting in any of the last 15 years of shirt sponsorship by alcohol or gambling companies?

Trying to look good to cover up some bad news on the horizon Bhoys?