Griffiths to Motherwell


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Would probably solidify them in 3rd place. I think Griffiths is pretty much done tho, a decent SPFL level striker now and that’s it.


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I was at Easter road that day and was drunk for a week after, much of it whilst watching that video on my old faithful Dell PC.
Got in at full time to see the trophy be lifted. Standing in the home end with disgruntled hibs fans wanting a fight with the away fans, some hibs fans applauding rangers for winning and lots of undercover bears standing with smiles on their faces.

Skyy Bluenose

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Mhanks turning on thumbheid on Clyde.

"He's contributed nothing in 16 months. It's mental health, it's not as if he had a leg break".

Blue Steel

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Robinson's Motherwell are a very fit team and that's one of the main reasons they're probably the 3rd best team in the country.

They play a very energetic high pressing game and have plenty of pace up front.

Griffiths hasn't got the legs for that.
Ah , but that’s were the Motherwell prop comes in :D


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Celtic pay ‘the baldy man’ £20,000+ per week, Motherwell’s highest earners will be on less than a tenth of that - dressing room unrest anyone??