Guard Of Honour at Celtic Park?

West Enclosure Bear

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All this would achieve is giving rats like Brown a platform NOT to do it, while some others half-arsed their claps.

A pointless exercise.

Going there and winning the league, or going as Champions is enough satisfaction for me.


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This guard of honour malarky is a pile of kak. As for talk of the scum doing it, fcuk them and fcuk the piggery.

Can you imagine the stench for our players having to walk through those mhanky pish-stained reprobates?

That'll be a 'NO' from me


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I'm sure we didn't play them until the game after they had won it.
They won it on May 4th against Aberdeen and we played them at home on the 12th.

That's why the idea of a GoH was brought up and Lennon said the "We would do it if it was us"

Anyway, we didn't and we pumped the 2-0.

Tav free-kick and Kamara leaving Brown for dead with Defoe dummying his throughball to Arfield :))


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Don't care,I just want us to go there to win as if the league depended on it, I know it's natural that we relax, but I'd hope we'd be professional enough to play to our max.


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There’s no correlation between what Lennon says one minute and the next. Remember, this is a guy who gave a live interview that he was going to Dubai for R&R, then the following week gave a press conference claiming they were being victimised, and the trip wasn’t R&R. Nobody questioned him on it.

Grigo Yossarian

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I would rather we just show up, hammer them. Get out.

Leave the mhanky hoards behind as quickly as possible to carry on embarrassing themselves.

Agree. They can stick their guard of honour.

As I said before, we have no respect for them, so why would this matter to us.

Just beat them Rangers.


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One of the daftest ideas ever to be introduced into a sport where animosity is the name of the game. Why introduce the concept of respect when clearly there is none ?


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I'd be ok with Tav planting a big fahuck off Union Jack on a ten foot pole in the centre circle at the Knew Camp - Souness style - anything else can't be ersed,


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They won't do it and will just point to us not doing it last time

Us not doing it last time will be brought up my media as reason and we are the bad guys

Close thread nothing else to discuss


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If we go there as Champions we will not get a guard of honour. However, we should make it clear to them that if we do not get one then we will huddle in centre circle, tie scarves to goal posts & Graeme Souness will come out & plant a massive Union Flag on their centre spot like he did during his time in Turkey.
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Neil Lennon claims Celtic would have given Rangers guard of honour had roles been reversed​

The Hoops boss has hit out at the Light Blues for failing to pay tribute to his eight-in-a-row champions at Ibrox- May 2019

If they implode once more before we play them, will he be the honourable man and make his team applaud us onto the pitch?

I'm thinking their is zero chance.
To be honest, i dont want anything from that lot, they have never shown any class and never will. Just humiliate them on the park if we go there as Champions and rub their noses in it.


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Honour is a word never associated with the club like no other and would therefore be a hollow gesture. They can poke it, let's just skelp them on the day and be done with this shit.


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I personally think the guard of honour is cringe. I certainly wouldn’t push for a guard of honour from a club without an ounce of honour.

It would wind their rotten fans right up though.


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I honestly think this whole Guard of Honour is bullshit that causes more trouble than it is worth.... but do enormously look forward to them squirming their way around it if we clinch this title before we visit.