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He was far from his best today but I loved his eagerness to get involved

Also was responsible for a chunk of the chances created, his final ball was definitely better than what some of the other players offered up


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Showed awesome flashes, I really like him. In general did nothing and was a bit pish, I’d have subbed him earlier.


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He seemed just a tad off but yet slid a good ball through and had a few shots. But to me if you are slightly off it but do all the work off the ball like tracking back then that's brilliant.

T9 Row

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Really like him and sure he will be a great signing but l am worried the way he plays hes going to get clattered and be out with injuries through the season.


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Just wasn’t quite working for him today but not once did he give up or go hiding, every time he gets the ball his first thought is to go forward - I love him.