Alex Venters

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You would think the drop in intensity in the games due to no crowd would help but there are still signs he has to adapt to our game.

I could be wrong but I'm not convinced I wouldn't have spent the 3M elsewhere....
Needs to play in the final third. His lack of pace is exaggerated elsewhere on the pitch.


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Hagi is a player who I am very excited to watch every week.

Personally, after delivering for Rangers for a few seasons, I feel he will go on to play for a top EPL, Spanish or German club.

Similarly to Aribo, he has the ability to go all the way. His touch and ball control is excellent, as is his vision and awareness.

He is also a hard-working player, which fits with the club's current culture, as set by Gerrard.
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Say we sign both Roofe and Maja (if rumours are true)

I’d potentially look at dropping Hagi into the midfield 3. We need a front 3 with pace, Hagi’s got an amazing ability to pick a pass through the lines. If he had 3 pacey forwards to look for he would benefit from that

Kent Maja Roofe

Aribo Jack/Zungu Hagi

especially in games against weaker opposition where only one DM is needed


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He'll have games like yesterday I'm sure where he seems quiet but will find one pass to get us a goal. Also thought he looked dangerous from shots at the edge of the box - something we've missed for a long time.

The Hooded Claw

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The fact that he tries difficult passes does it for me. This can be the difference in big games. Lots of times it wont come off but other players will soon get used to his play and when things come off it can be glorious. His work rate and the fact he is brave on the ball are a big factor on why he will be an important player for us as the season progresses


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All that was missing today was a final ball. Some of his touches and control were absolutely sublime.

Once he gets into his groove we have a player on our hands.
Yeah, a wee bit rusty today but his eye for a pass is there and it will come with more games.

Had he been on it today that was the 4-0 scudding our dominance of possession deserved.


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I think this boy is going to a ‘legend’

Been a while since weve had one but hes got it and gets it.

Deliver 55 and become imortal


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Technical ability is excellent. I feel he is trying too hard but over the course of this season he will be a massive player for us.


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I believe Hagi is going to be a great player for us. He has a tremendous work ethic, terrific skill and a constant goal threat.

Sam Minella

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Looked somewhat rusty, still tried to get on the ball and try things, not a good day at the office by his standards.

He will still have a good season for us, but I'm still not happy that he's shoehorned to the right hand side, I'd rather we had a 3 man midfield for games we want 3 in midfield but we went 4231 to get the best out of Hagi.


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He never had the greatest game but he was always dangerous.

He doesn't need to play well every game as no matter his performance he still has that wee extra bit of craft that can open teams up.


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Great first touch and gets a shot away which we need. Could work on his physique a bit though and maybe some specialist speed training. As Coisty said yesterday just a bit short of pace to be real top class.
Didn’t think he had a great game yesterday but is always looking to make things happen. Guilty of over playing it along with a few others.
Like others have stated on this forum if he was a yard quicker he wouldn’t be playing for Rangers and his price would be more like £40m I thought yesterday at times he was trying too hard trying to be too clever, Hagi and Aribo are two fantastic young talents who will both go for a lot of money one day but not before 55