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Lowry looks to have all the tools but physically it might be a stretch. Might be.

I think he has to be training with the first team squad now to test him and improve his strength.


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Would you not give him a bash in the Livingston home game if Hagi is unavailable?

Bacuna didn’t do it for me tonight, would that be any different with him in amongst “first team” rather than fringe players? I do like Bacuna but I’m not sure he’ll ever be anything more than a squad player.

Hopefully Hagi can recover, but I have to say I doubt it looked like a “come off but start the next game” one
Bacuna got two assists.

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It’s different levels of expectation.

Lowry is a promising youth player who is 18, Bacuna is what 24? with a number of first team apps.

Is it fair? Probably not, but that’s how it goes. I wasn’t impressed with Bacuna yesterday, certainly in the first half.
Tbf Bacuna hasn't played a lot of football lately. He grew into the game and his 2nd assist shows what he is capable of. Can only beat whats in front of you.