Match Thread Hamilton v Rangers - 13:30 Sunday - Sky Sports

Lovely goal ,link an finish
Morelos is always involved in all our goals

As said far too slow
Katic having 1 in possession,but for me our standard of pass as well as choice we’re making
Has been strange
Keep it simple on this surface just up the tempo
An well open them up
We haven't really done much and lucky to be in front but it was great play for the goal. They have probably had the best chances but thankfully poor finishing.

Didn't see much of coulibally in that half and candias needs to be careful about a second yellow. Hopefully an early goal in the second half and we push on.
Do hamilton have any plans to build another stand , it's a joke of a stadium , surely cant cost that much to put something at least behind the goal , bigger clubs would fill 2 stands no bother they would of made their money back years ago tinpot FC..


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Plastic pitches aim to give poorer teams an advantage. Simple as that. It was the same against Livingston. I can't blame the players for thinking they have to be more careful on these pitches, but it slows our game down compared to how we play at Ibrox. Immense that we scored. Great touch by Morelos and a brilliant finish by Kent.
Can't keep blaming pitches.Too many players offering zilch.Only Morelos and Candias playing with any tempo


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It’s been a stuffy game

Hamilton clearly up for it because it’s us

We need a bit more quality out of Kent and Ejaria, Cool Billy and Candaeis

More movement and quicker passes

Not over by any stretch a couple of early goals will kill the game off
Coulibaly is playing about 30 yards further forward than Rossiter.
They are in no way similar. Coulibaly’s game is about energy and drive while Rossiter is about reading the game, interceptions and keeping the ball moving quickly.
Yup. In fact coulibaly and ejaria could do with getting a bit closer to rossiter to help us control the ball in midfield.
We've been too slow with the ball and almost too scared to run at them as well. Been a really scrappy game. Thankfully we have a goal, however I'd take Candias off this half as a precaution for the booking.
Pedestrian , no tempo and too many safe passes.

Excellent goal aside, we have not been very good .

I know we should never make excuses but playing on that surface hasn't helped , get them to %^*& out of the top league.


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I know we go on and on about these pitches but they clearly put the shits up our players in terms of not getting injured. Ban the feckin things!

Reminds me of playing in the playground at school on one of those frosty winter days, lethal!
Do Celtic players not worry about these pitches ? Hearts ? Hibs ?
I agree, we seem to have a blockage on plastic.The pitch is same length as Ibrox,3 yards narrower.


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Being dropped for f uck all would play a part in that.He hadn’t put a foot wrong until then.
I started a thread about that first time he was left out. It has to mess with your head. He will have zero confidence now. Over thinking every pass leads to making the wrong pass
Few things I am convinced of watching this game

1 Teams try way harder against us. I used to think professional players tried hard against everyone but sometimes just had a bad game or were outclassed.No longer the hatred that society in general shows to Rangers seeps through and every single team treats our game as a cup final

2 Artificial pitches no matter how advanced technology the pitch has have no place in professional football.