Match Thread Hamilton v Rangers - 13:30 Sunday - Sky Sports


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I started a thread about that first time he was left out. It has to mess with your head. He will have zero confidence now. Over thinking every pass leads to making the wrong pass
Surely he's not that weak-minded. It might just be that he's having a bad game - all players have them. Instead, FF always wants to find something deeper.


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You’ve just seen there why Katic got a rest. So many times he steps out and leaves a huge hole in behind. Something he really needs to work on, as so many other aspects of his game are promising.

Excellent from Goldson.

Blue Tack

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That boy Darian McKinnon looks like he models himself on Lego ,from his look to the way he patrols about like the plastic hardman ,even his way he walks ,his expressions ,scary .

blue barney

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Game still looking like a struggle. It’s got to be these pitches. Whether the players are petrified of a season ending injury or the home team are used to the surface I don’t know. We look like a different team on these pitches
Absolutely dreadful game but do not care as long as we see it out. Actually feel for supporters to have to watch football on pitches like that week after week.
They should be claiming a refund. More skill shown up the local park