Match Thread Hamilton v Rangers - 13:30 Sunday - Sky Sports


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It was coming. All the signs were there and still we played within ourselves. Passing from the back has been abysmal for most of our away games, except in the Europa League. Couldn't SG say we are playing against Hamiltani Red Stripe? Maybe we would play harder.


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Goldson GTF anyone?

Questions to be asked of Rangers players, management and training staff, its not a one off and euro glory is getting us away with. Stevies team only does what it says on the tin sometimes, good players dont play good sometimes Stevie. Moaners and whingers are correct today, even though we have just got a pen, which we may miss btw .

Goal, still deserve lots of criticism.


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We are shit away from home, on plastic pitches and after a break

We seem to hit form going into a break. No idea what the problem is, the penalty is papering over the cracks