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Thought we were comfortable in the 2nd half however we should have made a positive change earlier to try & get a 2nd goal.

In the end we were pretty much gifted the game by their centre half.

Hopefully we can push on away from home after that but it wasn't as convincing as the scoreline suggests. Just a word of caution that we won't always get soo lucky with the opposition making a mess of the final 10mins.

Probably would give Morelos man of the match as without the quality of his first assist we may have toiled for longer.

Also good to see Rossister get 80mins in and doing ok albeit his attempted tackle for the goal was poor. Wasn't impressed with Coulibally though & he really needs to find his pre injury form. Same with Katic who really toiled badly.


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Another diddy club lose their cup final against us

Poor performance but good win

Again these feckin pitches turn our players into bambi on ice so be thankful we can gtf out there with 3 points and no injuries

Next up Thursday at Ibrox

Turgid stuff for the most part because they barely left their own half for the first 45. Second half things opened up a bit and they made it a scrappy affair. We weren't great: every through ball to Alfie or over the top to Tav just seemed a wee bit too heavy etc. Katic had an absolute mare. But we won 4-1. There are going to be games like that.

I think too much is being made of "away form". Before today we'd played a grand total of 4 away games in the league (we'll ignore the 3-1 scudding of Killie away in the cup for convenience.) Given the number of games we've played 4 games is way to small a sample to suggest some kind trend.
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I thought second was soft until I saw the view from behind and Alfie is definitely clipped.

They will no doubt forget the penalty Dallas never gave us at Easter Rd on final day of the season, a more blatant pen you’ll never see
Can Alfie have that yellow rescinded? That was a joke. Targeted the whole match. He McKinnon catches his own foot and then barges and spits at Alfie and Alfie gets a card! Joke!

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Happy with the 3 points not happy with the level of performance.Mid to front today was awful and against better opposition Katie would have been exposed.Surprised Stevie G didn’t sub him at HT.Anyway onwards and upwards bring on the Sheep.


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By no means pretty, but we've dug out a 4-1 victory. Sometimes you just need to take that and move on. In tomorrow morning for a light session, analyse todays game in detail in the afternoon, then put it to bed.


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Morelos was pretty quiet compared to usual, but even at that, the quality oozes out of him with the odd opportunity he gets.

2 assists and a goal? (doesn't winning a pen count as an assist?) and he was just about to stroke the other one into the pokey before the guy hand-balled it.
I thought he was either going to get carried off through injury or sent off due to responding to the constant fouling and being wound up.

He was terrific.


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That's our first away win since February on a terrible pitch against a team of hammer throwers treating it as their cup final. If you're still unhappy with a 4-1 win after the final whistle this might not be the sport for you.
Sorry but we won that because their centre back had some sort of spastic meltdown and gave us 2 penalties.

If you think that sort of performance is getting us anything at Easter Road or Tynecastle you're deluded. We'll get fucking skelped and we really really need to buck up our ideas away from home. The performance was every bit as bad as Livingston.


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Massive three points for us today, so I’ll take that.

The performance leaves a lot to be desired, but at least we’ve got the away-day monkey off our backs now; and I’m sure our next away win will be in style that’s more pleasing on the eye.

Onwards and upwards.
Roll on Thursday for what will be an incredible occasion.


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Boy has probably never ran about and tried so much in his life which is fair enough.

Absolutely ripping out him though.

And his spit at the feet of Morelos during the booking incident was an absolute disgrace.

Get it right up ye ya wee hate filled maggot.
I'm glad you posted that, I thought I'd imagined him spitting due to the complete failure of the commentators to mention it.

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Hard to believe we won that 4-1, we were shite for 80 minutes.
A flattering scoreline for us tbh but really happy with the 3pts as it looked for a while that we’d drop points. I am just hoping we can now start playing better in these domestic away games with a bit more energy and creativity.

Someone said earlier it was a monkey off the teams back let us hope so.