Happy 12th of July


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A happy a glorious 12th

Let’s give thanks to the freedom that we enjoy today


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I would've liked to have taken a photo of the orange lilies out the back but came and went early ( no sexual innuendos please ) so happy 12th everyone


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Happy 12th folks! Have a glorious day.

I’ll be watching BBC NI as per. Gies a wave ;)

Hope everyone enjoys, but our enemies will be watching too. Please stay safe too.


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Have a great day brethren whether you’re parading in Ulster or Liverpool today and to the Sir knights in Scarva and Bangor tomorrow.


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Freeview Channel 1 Channel 101 (HD)
Freesat Channel 101 (SD/HD) Channel 110 (SD) Channel 957 (SD, rest of UK) Channel 978 (HD, rest of UK)
(UK)Channel 101 (SD/HD) Channel 801 (SD) Channel 953 (SD/HD, rest of UK) Channel 979 (SD, rest of UK)


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Happy 12th to everyone from loyalist Buckinghamshire!
Travelling to France today, but set the recording on BBC NI already.

To all those keeping the faith and walking today, gie it laldy!!!