Has TLB Lost the Dressing Room?


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Both were wanting away under Rodgers, they were signed on the same basis as Dembele. Show up in Europe move on to Premiership or back to France.

We have been told from day one McGregor couldn’t stand Lennon and wanted away.

All are still there and apart from us no one else seems to be


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Lets just concentrate on ourselves and keep going and hopefully winning as that is the best way to exert pressure on them but since were speculating about them id say that certain players have been told that nobody is getting sold until the fabled 10 is won


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The next game against them is on 2nd January 2021, exactly 50 years to the anniversary of the Ibrox Disaster. It seems fairly likely there will be no supporters in attendance which is a bye-ball for the unwashed to be seen and heard not observing the minutes silence i.e. by coughing etc as they usually do.

I wonder if Lennon will pull the 'staying in the tunnel' stunt again so as not to observe the minutes silence. I think he will pull some other disrespectful similar move as he just a reprobate who will need to gain some kudos with their support by then. A football match is secondary to the 66 souls who lost their lives that day. However if he has lost the dressing room by then and we play as we did yesterday it would be so poignant to put 4 or 5 past them.

One other point is that it would be a good gesture to allow a certain number of Rangers supporters into Ibrox that day as a way of remembrance. I doubt 'wee nippy' and her authorities would sanction that though.


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One other point is that it would be a good gesture to allow a certain number of Rangers supporters into Ibrox that day as a way of remembrance. I doubt the authorities would sanction that though.
To me that would be both sensible and respectful but we both know that isn't the way the authorities operate these days.



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Dont think there is much doubt about it the "special brew" has lost the dressing room it seemed obvious before the game rumours that players dont like him or listen to him which is perfectly understandable. Hes ripped the piss out them over the lockdown.


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He's apparently being treated for alcohol abuse and we all know he isn't all there mentally either so the guy will crack.

Normally I wouldn't joke on such a matter as it is rife these days and terrible for people but for this mutant he reeps what he sows.
Completely agree with your sentiment here.

I think his comments after the game yesterday reflect someone who is under enormous pressure (as any Celtic manager always is) but he is failing to paper over the cracks. He was watching a different game yesterday and the mhanky hordes are all over it like a very nasty rash.

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I hope not.

Having him there is helpful. We don’t want it to blow up too badly before January.

You want the full meltdown to begin mid-March, early April.
Said much the same on another thread.
As much as it would have been great if we had taken 5 or 6 off them yesterday, it might have meant he got bagged, so weirdly enough I’m sort of glad it was only two


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He lost it before the game yday , too many of their squad chucked it when they didn’t get the move they wanted during summer

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Of course he has, why do you think that they were absolutely shite yesterday and basically for the entire season so far? They see right through the jakey terrorist sympathising cunt. They see through his basic knowledge of tactics, he’s only there purely on the basis that he’s pyooor shellick minded an at. He’s a diddy manager who’s got lucky his whole career, same as his thuggish cunt of a captain.
This mob think that everybody is buttoned up the back, they employ duds who have the republican mindedness, they pander to the lowest common denominator in their terrorist loving support, and they treat everyone who isn’t shellick minded with contempt.
I hope lennon stays, he suits the scum right down to the ground. He’s a fraud, he will finally be shown up for that, the same as the rest of his team this season. An absolute, out and out fraud.
Not a fan of his then?

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Only a few weeks ago Dermot Desmond was telling us this team was better than the Seville side FFS.
I think this time next week he will be gone, anything other than a win against Milan will ramp the pressure up and next week at Pittodrie if he doesn't win he will be gone.
Sure the sheep are their bitches but the law of averages states they must get something sometime and in football its all good and well when when your sailing along but when it starts going pear shaped its a downward spiral.
Personally i want him to stay as he's a tactical doughnut.

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No respect to the OP but how many times have we heard this all before?

We won one game of football against a team that was thrown together, and looked like they had all just met. History has shown us that one game doesn't make a season, and going by their reaction at the final whistle I think the management and players now get this too.
timmy revisionism they had what two new players one of which a seasoned pro who made a big hullaballoo about always wanting to play for them and knew all about the OF games
this was all practically their strongest team just like ours was


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I'm going to give myself a bit of an insurance policy here and say we've been in this position a couple of times already and had these conversations before and it didn't turn out the way we hoped/expected but a blind man can see something isn't right over there – I do think that was also the case last season but they managed to find a way despite that. Us not being good enough and collapsing has been the main contributing factor to them not imploding.

Chucking the team under the bus again a few weeks ago, his captain completely contradicting everything he said, some very odd loan signings that reak of desperation, a total lack of a plan or tactical awareness from the players/manager yesterday, everyone and their dog saying they've been piss poor in pretty much every match this season (can't vouch for it personally) yet Lennon saying they've been great. It's also clear to see guys like Ntcham couldn't give a shit, Edouard apparently looking like he's chucked it and I've read a couple of rumours that that big idiot Julien has chucked it and has been dropped as well.

He may well manage to do the only thing he can and get a wee rallying call from his players, but something is off and it's down to use to keep cranking the pressure.


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Any team can have a bad game - and admit it or not they were missing some key players (Edouard in particular would have scored that chance to make it 1-1).

They’ve also not been playing well - but have shown that they can grab late winners like at St Johnstone. That’s something we’ve failed to do in recent years - even at Livingston or Hibs this year we failed to do that.

So I certainly wouldn’t be writing them off - and they will hit a good run at some point.

But - how they respond next week will tell us a lot. If they dig out a win at Aberdeen it might suggest yesterday was just a blip. If they slip up, they then have trips to Fir Park and Easter Road and there could be a real opportunity for us to open up a proper gap.

More importantly though is how we respond. In that time we play Livi, Aberdeen and Hamilton at home and Killie away. We need 12 points out of 12 to really ramp up the pressure on them.
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Far far to early for that kind of talk. We skelped them yesterday but other than that they still keep winning against everyone else.


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He was always doomed to failure at Bolton, they were a club in severe trouble when he took over. His Hibs departure is a strange one though, has there been any light shone on what actually went on there?
A fall out over transfer budget and signing targets that led him calling MD Leanne Dempster “a f.ucking dyke” allegedly


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Hard to say exactly but for the first time in a long time they have a challenge on their doorstep that has been building and is coming to fruition now. They have had things their own way for years. Not any more. We still have a lot of work to do though.
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Did those players look like they were playing for him?

I'm not too sure as I've not seen them play this season bar 30 minutes at Rugby Park and yesterday. They were grinding out results prior to yesterday and hadn't been beaten domestically since December.

We never allowed them to play, they had no answers. Our game plan was excellent from start to finish.

We've been stung too often so this time it's head down and win football matches. We cannot let them off the hook.

We can say they are rotten, Lennon looks broken, on the verge of imploding but it counts for nothing until it actually happens. Us winning football matches and applying pressure will only make it that bit harder for Lennon and his team.

He's probably thinking we will slip up at Rugby Park.


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We’ve heard all this before. Implosion for a few days after a defeat and we all rub our hands in glee.
This time we need to make sure we win all our games before the next international break and then add to that before the game in January.
We have already messed up twice at Livingston and Hibs and had we won them, the pressure on them after yesterday would have ramped up tenfold.
We cannot afford to let them off the hook again.
I don’t want the players thinking because we beat them easily yesterday then the job is half done.
Every game is just as crucial as yesterday’s and until we actually win something then we should not take the foot off the against anyone.
We know we have the better team, so it’s up to our players and management team to make themselves legends for ever.
Let’s do it.


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I don’t want to jump the gun but that yesterday was the first time in over 10 years I’ve seen a scum team in an OF show little to no fight. That suggests to me that something may be wrong behind the scenes.

I could certainly believe it with the way treacle teeth chucks his players under the bus.
I said similar yesterday
In my life I can’t remember ever going to the Piggery and having it so easy.
Yes we gave them a good few doings at Ibrox but even at their worst they always gave us a game on their own patch.
It tells you all you need to know when we haven’t won 2 in a row at their midden since 1995, we have had some fantastic teams since then and still couldn’t do it.

things are obviously not right over there


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Sure looks like it!
If so hope he is not canned
He must stay at least till May!
Just said that to a mate...in disarray with a new management team, unable to spend money till January OR keep Lennon..? The later any day as he’s crap!


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He's apparently being treated for alcohol abuse and we all know he isn't all there mentally either so the guy will crack.

Normally I wouldn't joke on such a matter as it is rife these days and terrible for people but for this mutant he reeps what he sows.
His nose is as red as the old winos you used to see round about the shops in the schemes years ago


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He certainly isn’t looking too healthy. Am I right in thinking he was taking those Snus chewing tobacco capsules yesterday?

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Nah! He’s doing a fine job. Yesterday was all down to Covid. :rolleyes:

(Let’s not give them ideas. We want him there for the duration of the campaign)

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Hope he has the rancid tarrier prick, f uck him there team and all there shitty support, absolute scum every last one of them, dirty rats.
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