Have Leverkusen even played a friendly since their cup final v Bayern?


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They were meant to have a game against Bayern Munich but it was cancelled. I read that most clubs in Germany have friendlies organised and Leverkusen were struggling to get games arranged.
I really think we have a shot on Thursday - no fans seems to be benefiting the away teams and their lack of competitive action along with our good form and no goals conceded puts us in the mix
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I can’t help but think the last minute goal killed us. Would love a dominant performance over there even if we don’t go through. The negativity shown towards the team after the most comfortable 1-0 victory at Pittodrie you could ask for is shocking so I dread what it’s going to be like if we get a negative result on Thursday.
It makes me laugh though as the negative posters are the ones on here prior saying We could be doing with out it. Brain fry!


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We might just be in with a bit of a chance, although pre-covid shutdown had written us off


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If we are a goal to the good it is game on. However they are an exceptional side and having failed to qualify for the CL they will pullout all the stops to win this tournament.


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We would have had a much better chance if they had qualified for UCL. They will put in so much more effort now they need to win to get in


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You’re fücking incessantly negative about everything. It’s chronically unimaginative and dull.
It’s an opinion mate, if it was at home I’d welcome it 100% I just think it’s a meaningless game for us all the travelling etc out there.

I’d love nothing more than to be wrong and we win 3-0 but being brutally honest I can’t see it.


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What if we go through (unlikely i know) and morelos leaves can we add anyone new or does it need to be the same squad?


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I think can approach this with absolutely no pressure. Winning the match even if we go out will be a great confidence booster and will be good practice for the EL qualifier.